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“2 Bit Davinci” Explains The Lahaina Fire. This Guy With His Sharpie Drawn on “Beard” Is A Tool of the Cabal

I covered this guy before, he is funded by Globalists. The weird non-beard should be noted. But he does pull together some good resources. So enjoy those.

He tries to dispense the “land grab”…..total globalist. He adds lots of “facts” that appear to make him more credible but many of those “facts” are completely unrelated….they are fluff facts (coined it I have).

He is always “speculating”….without doing basic research. He “absolutely hates” the Directed Energy Weapons meme…..he is using the fake picture of a DEW, these pictures are actually posted by the Globablists.

He uses “insane” several times….I guess to create credibility….hmmmm

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