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Let’s Talk About Burning Tires and DEW at Maui

stock here: normal people are talking about stuff like accelerants and tires burning. Tires don’t burn easily and they actually contain anti-burn compounds. Lets also talk about gas tanks….if the gas tank was so pressurized that it breached the tank, filler tube, or fill port it would explode, not burn, there would be a ton of heat lasting a fraction of a second. Not what would be needed to start tires on fire.

And we see in the evidence from Maui that the windshields and door glass did actually melt, which is a process, and needs at least 2700F. Steel melts around 2600F with some variation depending on the exact alloys. I noticed some hoods or trunks completely gone, quite a few actually. Maybe they were aluminum. But almost all the glass melts, and very rarely is there an indication of steel melting.

Tires need 750F to 1000F to start burning, this could happen in the middle of a substantial forest fire, but not 20 feet away from a minor grass fire.


Can Tires Catch on Fire While Driving?

A fire must have three things to ignite and continue burning. It must have fuel, a sufficient heat source to heat it past the ignition temperature, and oxygen. If you deprive the fire of any one of these things, the tire cannot catch fire or continue to burn.

When it comes to tire fires, the tire itself is the fuel. Most average tires must reach a temperature of 750 to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit (450-500 degrees Celsius) before they are at risk of catching fire. Typically, this temperature must be sustained for at least several minutes before the tire will catch on fire.

I have meant to look for pictures of cars burnt in fires in prior years. Found this one in 2015 in Huffington Post.



September 14, 2015

2016 Tennessee Wildfires


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Excellent coincidence….I was watching this exact video from a comment on Hawaii Real Estate (Eric West), he has 190,000 followers. The word is getting out.

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