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China — Green Lasers Over Hawaii

stock here: well this is not at all suspicious. But I got more, a $1.5B investment in Hawaii by China, was quashed when China refused to continue to pay escalating bribes to the corrupt Hawaii powers that be, mostly on Oahu. They bought the land to build their massive project in Oahu. When that project was failing, stymied by the politicians that needed larger payoffs…..China came up with a new plan in coordination with Josh Green and the super corrupt Mayor of Maui. Lahaina was a historic town and would be ideal for a massive housing and resort development….and the cretins in Maui government agreed to the China plan to burn Lahaina. They didn’t realize that this fire would get that out of control, nor did they realize the power of China’s FMDELX. Frequency Modified Doppler Effect Laser Xray. Yes, using frequencies to turn steel and porcelain into dust while releasing a boat load of energy (fire). They didn’t realize that thousands would die, so this was a major shock. Followed by a massive coverup.

LOL the Mayor really said that he had no idea anyone has died until the next day. And then the big guy gave “grocery money” to the citizens and a $95M handout to Hawaiian Electric, so they would shut up, and accept most of the blame.

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