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Fire Captain Speak on Lahaina Fires

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That guys straight up lying. Those cars parked in the grass with no other forms of fuel besides the grass which grass will not stay hot enough long enough to melt aluminum it’s only grass and it burns up really fast.

Those cars were there for years and had no gas in the tanks also. So there really was no accelerate to help get the aluminum to melt. I’ll tell u how the wind does the opposite effect the fire chief said it’s real simple common sense and very logical 2+2=4 it’s that easy to understand.

For metal to melt there has to be a consistent source were the fire is directly on the metal and for long enough to get it red hot then to melt. Fire does not just touch metal then instantly melts it. Now with the wind here’s how he’s dead wrong. The wind would make the grass fire burn up it’s fuel the grass for the fire really fast.

There’s not enough longevity there for the fire to keep burning to melt the Aluminum. On top of that the wind will obviously blow the flames of the fire all around also, so now u also have a consistency problem with the fire flame directly and consistently not being able to heat up the Aluminum to get it to melt.

The wind blowing between the fire and the Aluminum would actually help cool the Aluminum just like the wind well air that goes thru the radiator on vehicles to cool the water in the engines cooling system. Since Aluminum is really good at dissipating heat with air blowing over it.

Then for the melted Aluminum to stay melted long enough to run down away from the car for like 10 feet would require beyond melting point heat cuz now that it’s melted to stay melted it takes more heat to stay melted and puddle up and run that far down the car.

My opinion on why he says what he does is cuz that’s just what he’s used to seeing for the way the major fires have been for years now, that and well it sounds like the typical way they would answer those questions with a female asking. Also note that there’s no explanation of how it works to support his answers it’s just yes it can yes it does that’s normal the wind was the accelerate which it can be for the correct time and place that it is.

I would tend to figure a fire chief would have more mechanical knowledge of how things work especially with fire and metal melting. But u got to remember lots of them even tho most people would not think that the fire dept is in on the program but they are.

All the orders of what to comes from the same up the ladder people it just splits off when it goes to the fire Marshal the head of the chief of police the sheriff and even to the hospital if the hospital is a subsidized hospital and the water dept, the electrical dept along with and as funny as this one sounds it’s really true the trash service company who do u think takes care of all the evidence for them?

Just like the arborist said wheres all the melted trash cans at? Each house should have at least 1 some have 3 cans, trash, recycling and yard waste. Most people keep all there’s in the same spot so there should be big melted plastic mounds everywhere.

There’s not and that makes that fact a problem. Aluminum doesn’t melt that easy it melting point is 1200 degrees, now the black top roads those have a melting point of 350 or 400 degrees. Are the black top roadways over there all burned up? If no then obviously the cars shouldn’t be either. The black top roads have tar in the made from petroleum. It should leave the road ways looking like there gravel mountain rounds basically.

But the biggest thing that sticks out like a sore thumb and just screams technology was used is the boats in the middle of the ocean that burned up. They think everyone is stupid or something. I believe everytime they use it as a test to see how dumb the general public is and then they determine what to do to try and change that ie load up the food and drinks with more chemicals more sugars more frequency applied more power to the cell phone antennas more new medicine that’s made out of petroleum more new viruses more out breaks to keep people barley healthy enough to get thru the day in which as their applying the Lazer or photon beam that’s setting things on fire how is that affecting human health can’t be good getting zapped with radiation.

That’s what it boils down to radiation cooks things. The earth has natural static electricity radiation between the earth and the sun when the sun’s out that’s what creates the heat for the day. The sun doesn’t produce out heat it is the light of the day and the moon is the light of the night, the moon does not reflect the suns light the moon produces its own light which is different then the sun’s so it can’t be reflecting the sun’s light. Also doesn’t make sense for a full moon either if it’s reflecting light then going to 1/4 moon. The sun’s not on both sides of the moon for the moon to reflect the suns light. All the dew drones during the day all fly really high or they fly Infront of the sun so it makes it nearly impossible to see them. Also hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunami’s and other storms can all be created by applying electrical currents in different forms either to the earth or to the sky. Everything on this world is electric. Everything. We are electrical that’s why we are stuck to the ground. Gravity is a magnetic force. Magnets are positive and negative the same as electricity just different forms of it. That’s why people go grounding or earthing and it neutralizes the electrical current in a person. Our hearts create it own electricity to pump that’s why the paddles are electrical jump starters. Electric universe. Check it out. They are pretty good with their theory. They can at least explain things better then NASA can

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