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Couple’s Video Show a Green Bush Fire In the Middle of a Neighborhood Where There Was No Other Fire

stock here: I watched this video a few times, before it hit me. The fire that this couple noticed was in green bushes in the middle of a neighborhood where there was no fire anywhere near. There was diffuse smoke, and they were traveling out at a good rate of speed. They were not stuck in the middle of a “fire zone”.

I also put it on Bitchute. YouTube is getting even worse. They have a new format where all you get is the video in the middle of the screen and no comments are possible. Way to censor!!! And my Youtube views got completely blurred and jumbled, allowing no view at all…..until I restarted.

So watch it on Bitchute to keep youTube from getting hits and thus advertising feees.

I tried to capture “the fire” from this video in this screen cap, but you have to watch the video to understand that this is one of DEW set fires. Check it out. Edited…a got a better screen capture after a reader commented that it looked like a “root fire”. Indeed the roots are going to be holding much more water than the leaves….the DEW Xray / Microwave are going to heat the water to 1000F resulting in what appears to be spontaneous combustion of the green bushes.

He was able to easily put it out with a garden hose because the plants were so green.

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