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Some of the insane things about Joe Robinette Biden

Additional facts about Joe Biden: – He took showers with her daughter Ashley right until she was at least 10 which she stated was “probably not appropriate”, and credited for her sex and drug addictions; she also said he “hyper-sexualized” her while she was a toddler (she didn’t elaborate, thank God). She wrote this in her diary which she later abandoned in a halfway house after leaving rehab.

The FBI later raided the homes of reporters who acquired the diary and tried to cover the story claiming it had been stolen (apparently stealing a diary is a federal crime) while she spoke to them and admitted it was hers before threatening them with involving the Secret Service. – He said his dead wife and daughters (who were killed in a car accident) were killed by a drunk driver; this is not true at all

-He claimed to have worked as a coal miner which never happened

-He claimed to have worked as an 18-wheeler truck driver which never happened

-He claimed he held 3 college degrees, that he attended college on a full scholarship and that he was admitted to West Point (he did enroll in ROTC and got an F there); none of that is true

-A White House intern named Vail Kohnert-Yount who worked for him while he was Vice President also accused him of attempted rape during his tenure, stating he touched her and kissed her without her permission while complimenting her on her beauty –

His current wife “Doctor” Jill was originally his daughter’s babysitter and they were having an affair while he was married to his first wife and she was also married;

in fact, they were in bed together when he was informed his first wife and daughter died – Ever since at least the 2020 presidential Democratic primaries, he has been forced fed anti-dementia medications before each public appearance by his wife Jill in order to render him coherent;

an eyewitness (former aide) said anonymously that before taking the pills he was “like a small child” and “unable to speak” -He claimed that he once traveled to Iraq to personally pin a medal on a war hero and that he was warned it could be dangerous but that he bravely brushed off the concerns by saying “we can lose a Vice President, we can’t lose many more of these kids”,

he then added that as he entered Iraq he was shot at 3 times; it turned out, he was never even in Iraq and had to retract his story and apologize –

When he did go to Iraq for real he said “he was shot at” but it later turned out to have been a mortar that exploded a mile away from his hotel and happened only once; in this instance his own aides and advisers begged him to stop telling the story because it could easily be confirmed or debunked with a few Google searches but he flat-out refused and kept telling it until he was caught –

He claimed he went to Afghanistan and that al-Qaeda and the Taliban teamed up to shoot down his helicopter which was forced to land while he was riding it with “three-star general and three United States senators”, it later turned out the helicopter was never attacked and landed perfectly due to a coming snowstorm located 10 hours away;

the other claims were also false. -Plagiarized speeches by Robert Kennedy, Jack Layton and Neil Kinnock (after he was caught stealing Kinnock’s speech he withdrew from the 1988 presidential primaries in disgrace,

this was particularly notable because the speech narrated Kinnock’s childhood and talked about his family, which means he stole another man’s entire life story word-by-word; furthermore, during ‘his’ speech he explicitly claimed he had just made the speech up by himself on the spot) -He plagiarized his thesis –

He claimed he finished in the top tier of his class at law school when in fact he finished in place 79th out of 85 (he earned only Cs and Ds during the first 3 semesters; he also repeated 3rd grade in elementary school) –

In college he flunked at least one course (that we know of) because of persistent plagiarizing in his assignments and papers. –

The PhD thesis of his wife, “Dr.” Jill Biden, has at least 3 grammatical errors and at least 3 errors in basic math in its first page alone and was written with triple paragraph spacing in order to write as little content as possible using as much space as possible,

and she only got her degree because Joke Biden forced the community college to accept it. –

Claimed that he visited and personally met Nelson Mandela in South Africa while he was imprisoned by the Apartheid government and that he was himself arrested by the South African police when he insisted in meeting him and publicly supported him despite being warned by police not to;

his staff members warned him none of this was true and asked him not to repeat these lies and he replied he already knew all of that and dismissed these concerns and kept repeating it – He stole a “climate change plan” from several NGOs and presented it as his own – Claimed to had been an important figure in the civil rights movements of the 1960s in the United States; among other things, he claimed to have personally participated in sit-ins, to have marched along with Black activists and to have been arrested for these activities;

none of this was true and at the start of his legislative career he was noted for openly sympathizing and negotiating with segregationist lawmakers to the point that he even supported segregation and the Jim Crow system:

he once expressed concerns about desegregation by wondering if his grandchildren would have to grow in what he called “a racial jungle” –

The day after he became Vice President his deadbeat brother Jim Biden showed up to his job acting arrogantly and wearing cufflinks with the presidential seal and insulting his partners while openly boasting about being the Vice President’s brother. –

He was also accused of rape and sexual harassment by one of his Congressional aides, Tara Reade, curiously, when she went public with the accusation she sought assistance from Time’s Up, an NGO formed in response to the #MeToo movement to provide free legal assistance to female victims of sexual abuse and harassment;

strangely, the organization refused to help Reade arguing that Biden was a presidential candidate at the time and thus they’d be effectively interfering with the electoral process but none of this stopped them regarding Trump when he ran for President in 2016;

furthermore, it was proven that Reade had already went public with her claim in the past when her mom talked about the incident on an episode of the Larry King show;

less than 24 hrs after this became public this episode disappeared from the Google online video store and no reason was ever given while Facebook started to ban its users from sharing links to a website that documented Biden’s sexual misconduct accusations

(JoeBiden dot info); Reade’s former neighbor, her mother and her husband at the time would later confirm her accusations and this incident was mentioned in Reade’s divorce proceedings which meant they were in the publicly-available court records;

even more, and Reade once claimed she filed a formal complaint in Congress and asked Biden to release his Congressional papers which are held in a university in Delaware,

he of course refused; the Left-leaning Liberally-biased ‘news’ outlets such as The New York Times, MSNBC (MSDNC), CNN or the Washington Post, didn’t cover Reade’s accusations even though they had been so concerned about victims of sexual abuse and were quick to condemn Justice Kavanaugh solely on the testimony of the greedy fame-seeking Christine Blasey Ford who couldn’t present a shred of evidence besides her dubious testimony after which the witnesses she brought to testify in her behalf refused to back her claims,

after which a friend of hers who happened to be a friend of Ford who was FBI agent threatened one of Ford’s friends so that she would publicly back her claims up which she refused to do,

but even so, Ford would receive the undeserved attention she sought, many awards and medals from Leftie Liberal NGOs and would sign a very lucrative book deal plus making a lot of money giving lectures while Justice Kavanaugh was slandered, smeared and humiliated;

Reade didn’t receive these same privileges as Ford. –

He forced his deadbeat crackhead son Hunter to give him 50% of his salaries on all the siencire “jobs” he held and of every bribe he received for being Briben’s son. –

In 2010 when he met Senator Scott Brown and his wife in public he started grabbing her ass and kissing her neck; he only stopped after the Senator physically separated them and threatened him telling him “I’ll kick the shit out of you”.

-He claimed his father was a “gentleman, decent man” who never got to go college “who worked at coal until the whole industry died”. In reality, his dad went to Johns Hopkins for over a year until he dropped out because his nepotistic father got him a high paying job as a salesman for a coal company but he lost everything because of his alcoholism, and he’s documented as having cheated on Joe Biden’s mom at least once when he and his cousin (also married) went on a yacht for several days with two unmarried women, all on their own (surely there’s an innocent explanation there, the alcoholism must’ve help his moral integrity). –

More recently, he claimed after the 2023 Maui wildfires that he knew how the victims felt because his house had once almost burned down, claiming a firefighter almost died while he had to brave the flames to rescue his wife and dog; it turned out it was a small kitchen fire that was put down by a couple or firefighters in less than 20 minutes; nobody was hurt or at risk of getting hurt. And he again threw in his 1967 Corvette Convertible….saying he almost lost it in the fire.

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