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They Have Come for Russell Brand — He Is Too Close to Truth

stock here: I guess, similar to Tucker Carlson, I assume Brand was a stealthy controlled opposition. But sometimes the controlled opposition gets put beyond the level of their own conscience. I don’t follow Brand enough to know what part of the Overton Window he stepped outside of.

I have never spent time at “Off Guardian” but it looks interesting, seems like many quality comments, like Zero Hedge used to be

But when “The Hill” calls out YouTube for deplatforming Brand, you know it is bad.

And Thankfully, Glenn Grenwald, devoted a presentation to this. Watch this for the Censorship and Hypocrisy of the leftists who control the liberal narrative.

I saw this story on the New York Post, which normally has commenting on ALL it’s article, but surprisingly does not on this article. I wonder if they have been bought, or someone has serious dirt on some editors and this time they played the card. Don’t know!

Isn’t it funny that all the sudden, 4 women who have said nothing for 15 years, all suddenly figure “this is the time”. No it’s not funny, it’s criminal, and in my view it goes beyond defamation. The statue of limitations is long gone, so the point is? Destruction of Brand’s brand.


Remind me of Brett Kavanaugh……hmmm, the left is shameless and therefore shameful.

stock here — Was it this appearance on Bill Maher that set off the Brand Takedown?

Russell Brand dropped some facts on Bill Maher’s show about big pharma, the military industrial complex, and the banking industry. Was this when they decided he needed to be taken down?

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