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Boston College (Think AOC) Suspends Water Sports Because Boys will Be Boys

stock here: Now there is no indication of how bad the “hazing” was. On second read, it was curious that both the men and women’s program were both suspended. How much of this is Woke-Ism? At Boston College, probably a lot.

Most hazing is not violent or harmful – pretty lightweight……..wear a silly hat in the cafeteria……….

But if we are trying to raise yet another generation of delicate snowflakes, then let’s compete to see who can be the woke-ist, with safe spaces, micro-aggressions & weeping rooms..

But only one side of the debate will fall for such losing strategies……..


My Statement

Yep the libs, so easily co-opted by the authoritarian left, are amazingly stupid when the left panders to their emotional pre-dispositions.

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