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LA Stops mRNA Injection Mandates, 79 Colleges Continue with Mandates, Mostly in Crappy States or Battleground States

stock here: I was somewhat surprised that anyone continues on with Mandates for what has been known for years as a very dangerous injection.

I am surprised at the lack of lawsuits. Is the horror of it just so bad that those who lost loved ones just don’t want to relive it? Indeed, the Jab almost killed my Dad and his doctor went on to let him take another one whilst I was off in Hawaii. I am busy, but on this I would sue, but I think it could be very detrimental to my Dad, so I don’t.

So let’s talk about some news…..Review the list of colleges still pushing the Injections for a population of young people very unlikely to have large negative consequences, and almost for sure having got through a round of COVID or 3. True, though, their natural immunity may not be that great due to immune system damage from the Injections.

Here it is on Twitter if you do that sort of thing.

Note our “best and brightest” at Harvard.

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