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AI Trolls Now Fighting Against The Maui Truths

I’ll have another article on the just yesterday massive ramp up of Censorship on YouTube….damn you stock, get back into the Overton Window!!!!~!

A commenter on YouTube mentioned Blue Rays in Maui, and this troll like, really long statement (that no normal person would take the time to write). And note….it mentions 2 Bit Davinci….which we have exposed multiple times…the guy’s weird paint on beard (Muslim type beard) and his fake science….promotes the cabal party line while pretending to represent the truth.

One thing with AI….like sociopaths….they don’t care about the ramifications of lying. AI is tone deaf, it loves to use phrases, but this often departs from normal human communication. Like would would say I live “high in the sky”. Then the “blessed view i have” is also odd….in the middle of a storm “blessed view” would not come to mind. And so few people do not capitalize “i”. AI would pull that trick though.

The process of a transformer blowing up, in the AI description seems like it would be stretching out say 5 to 8 seconds. It’s the spinning of a story. In reality, transformers “go nuclear” in like a second. See far below, a collection of transformers blowing up.

Troll also using phrase of aluminum melting and then “drying” just like the cars on front street. No one with any sense is pretending that molten aluminum is NOT Possible in a hot fire…it is possible. That is their event specific Overton Window…pretending that “conspiracy theorists” believe that aluminum cannot melt in a fire, of course it can in a very hot fire…..but not when next to a unpainted picket fence….

In this photo from an early Lahaina drive through, you can see truck with windows all gone, steel belted tire off the rim. Paint looks smoked gray on the side of the truck, but not front fender or hood.

Troll makes up a story of a nighttime lightning strike which causes a multi-day outage in Toronto.

Troll says just years ago…the last evidence of power outage in Toronto was July 6, 2010, and that was in the afternoon.



Sigh smh.. i live in a condo, high in the sky here in Toronto. Not many years ago we had a serious rain storm at night, i think it was later summer. With the blessed view i have from my unit looking over a park, during the many lightning strikes and high winds, i saw not far from the building in the distance, a major transformer for the local grid start to light up, it was so bright, it was plasma blue like a welding torch, then it got brighter and brighter and when it overloaded and blew up, it generated a huge plasma blue flash for a second through the sky like it was almost daytime, like a flash from a camera but much brighter and immediately after then there was a blackout, all the lights in the local area i saw go off, we had a blackout for a few days, it was rough. That’s what those blue flashes ae, it’s transformer boxes on the ground or telephone poles being surged with way more electric power due to a lightning strike etc. If you ever view videos of the same thing happening meaning people filming it, when the time comes for the transformer to blow up and fully fry, that flash on you see, on a camera lens, it will look to the those who do not know better, as if a a plasma blue/whitish laser from above struck the transformer when it’s actually just the lens flare on the camera lens. If you bothered to do competent critical indagation, you’d learn the reason some places were not touched is due to things like not all houses and buildings in Maui in that area were made out of materials to easily go on fire like stone [newer homes / buildings .. the Catholic Church there and another one I think Jehovah’s Witness did not actually get really burned etc] and many others were like kindling, also the wind direction plays a factor and other factors – i know from experience of watching my own home almost all burn down that had my car in my garage – a fire started in the motor of the car due to motor malfunction which lit the car then the house on fire – when the fire was finally put out by the firefighters who had to use chemicalised water to put the fire, which caused 500k+ in damage to the house, which the flames were at least 4 stories high, which the heat was so intense we had to be on the other side of the street to not feel like we were burned by the radiant heat, my car burned down to the skeleton, melted motor parts and other parts of metal that melt below 2000F [like aluminium] into liquid and dried it looked no different than the cars on Front Street in Maui which by the way footage of the major hurricane fuelled fire there show there were blue cars in that traffic jam on Front Street which yet again refutes the fool-conspiracy-theory of blue lasers being used. You people need to actually do assiduous, careful, competent, critical, deep-digging, diligent, discerning, intellection-acute, rational, rigorous study and investigation of such things before you leave such comments or replies for it shows how Dunning-Kruger Effect infected you are on such things. It’s a military psychological warfare operation to believed it was lasers, sigh.. smh. Go read the video description and watch the Two-Bit Davinci video on this and learn some factual operational science in fire science and hurricane science and what happens when they meet. Sigh.

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