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Maui Residents Forcible Evicted From Their Own Lands, Live in Our “Control Camps”, On the Street, or be Arrested

stock here: this is real abuse of the indigenous, not the fake “abuse” in Canada in which not a single body was in any of the “mass graves”.

stock here– to clarify, this was presented as Maui, but it is Waimanalo, Oahu 3 decades ago.

Lahaina residents weren’t kicked off their land like this, the entire burn zone was fenced off and they were forcibly kept from even visiting their property to check for firearms, fire safes, bones of their Kupuna, whilst cell phone signals were jammed from unknown source. Maybe thats even worse.

I guess the criminals that be, needed 4 to 6 weeks to remove all the water heaters that weren’t there

The homeless problem has been huge, there is little trickle down effect in Hawaii, but 14% of the islands people live in public housing, and it is pretty crappy housing. I know, I surveyed it for energy efficiency projects. Found a gun laying on one roof top. On another high rise, a large crane to help improve the building was left overnight, and someone threw a refrigerator from the 13th floor onto the crane, with the crane company refusing to service them again. Who would? Lets throw down though, since that is what I do. It’s is primarily the Samoans and Micronesians and cross breeds of those with Hawaiians and sometimes Philipinos. Don’t like to hear that? Do your own research. What worked to keep Hawaii “on the reservation” with immigration, sucking off the Gov teats, desperation, handouts, and voting. Hawaii mails a voting packet to everyone who has ever lived there, and not upon request. And in the mail back procedure, there is no way to trace the vote packet to an entity that actually turned it in. No witness required, no voter signature required. Anyone who gets these mail outs, can “vote”.

Even little girls stand up against the abuse…while the parents are taken to jail.

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