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Maybe It’s Time to Finally Understand the Middle East Politics and Cultures

Saw this on ZH, curious there are only 2 “premium” comments.

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9 hours ago

The aware people are vigilant, cautious and preparing, but not scared and cowered.

If you are scared, you’ve already surrendered your soul to the Nazi-Bolshevik Democrat elites.

A nice and “cultured”, “educated” academic wannabe peasant is a subjugated unwashed brainwashed peasant.

Don’t follow the “elites science” and blindly obey the Gestapo


Premium 66Mustanggirl

7 minutes ago (Edited)

Since Democrats and the Marxist Left claim to be all about Indigenous rights, reparations, and returning land stolen by colonizing, evil, white supremacists back to their rightful owners, I will reframe this conflict in “woke” language they can understand:

The Indigenous tribes of the land called Israel are the 12 tribes of a Hebrew chieftain named Jacob, who was renamed Israel and was the grandson of a great patriarchal chieftain named Abraham, all which the Bible clearly establishes, who had their lands stolen by evil, white Europeans in the form of the Roman Empire, who brutally crucified their King in 33 CE and then destroyed the cultural and religious center of their identity in 70 CE, which then became the birthplace of Christianity, who battled with Muslims over possession of these stolen lands from 600 CE until 1918 when they defeated their Ottoman Caliphate for a final time in WWI, and who then returned what they had stolen to its rightful owners in 1948.

So, why is the Marxist Left and some Democrats not celebrating this epic victory of Indigenous rights over evil, Christian white supremacists and vociferously defending the Jews from those who have been vowing to exterminate them for over 75 years??

20 seconds ago

Mainly because they treated their Arab neighbors like dirt.

8 hours ago

Hamas is a Palestinian SunHamasni-Islamic fundamentalist, militant, and nationalist organization. It has become one of the two major Palestinian political parties, along with Fatah. Hamas is the power force in the Gaza Strip, and has a significant presence in the West Bank. Hamas is committed to the establishment of an Islamic Palestinian state and removal of Israel, and rejects all agreements made between Israel and the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization), which is a Palestinian nationalist group.

Hamas has carried out numerous attacks over many years since 2008 against Israeli civilians and soldiers, including suicide bombings, rocket attacks, and small-arms attacks. Hamas is designated as a terrorist organization by the United States, the European Union, Israel, and other countries and is not a member of the world community. Palestine is not a wealthy nation and lacks any high end manufacturing or high tech industries. Question: where did Hamas ( a terrorist organization) with little resources obtain the equipment and 5000 rockets to attack Israel? Probably Iran. Evidence supports the claim that Iran provides financial and military support to Hamas and Hezbollah (another terrorist organization). Iran supports numerous terrorist groups located in countries which surround Israel. They provide the weapons and the terrorist groups do the dirty work of fighting and killing. As in all wars civilians suffer the most casualties.

For reference purposes, 1200 Israeli civilians have been killed and over 2400 have been wounded as of 12 October. Due to a higher population, if this had occurred in the United States, the equivalent number of civilian deaths would be 40,800 and wounded civilians would equal 81,600. On Tuesday, Israel’s military expanded its mobilization of reservists to 360,000, according to the country’s media. Proportionately this equates to 12,240,000 reservists in the United States.

To the north of Israel is the terrorist group Hezbollah, also supported and outfitted by Iran. Estimates of Hezbollah’s total rocket count range from 40,000 to 150,000, which is considerably more than most countries. Hezbollah has the arsenal to fire 10 times more missiles at Israel than what Hamas was able to send. Hezbollah has been able to expand its rocket arsenal significantly since the 2006 Lebanon War, thanks to continued support from Iran.. It will be interesting to see if Iran calls on Hezbollah to help its other terrorist organization Hamas.

As the days go on, watch the media, United Nations, and other sources decry the number of Gaza civilians who perish; as the “Hamas Terrorists” hide among their own citizens. These terrorists know what they are doing; trying to save themselves by using their own brethren as human shields. They know that in a dense city environment it is extremely difficult to find a particular terrorist who blends in with the civilian population. Hamas uses this strategy of war to escape to fight another day. The upper echelon of Hamas leadership, without remorse or concern, are willingly and knowingly sacrificing many of their citizens, in order to serve their terrorist agenda.

Knowing that an Israeli ground attack is imminent, why is Egypt not providing an escape route for Gaza residents? Egypt borders Gaza. Many European nations opened their doors to the Ukrainians when Russia invaded their country. Why are other Arab nations not opening their doors to the Palestinian Gaza population?

Recently this is what Hamas is advising Gaza citizens to do: Hamas told Gaza residents not to leave their homes after the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) warned civilians to evacuate. Hamas called on Palestinians to “remain steadfast” and not respond to Israeli calls to leave their homes. Hamas dismissed the warnings as “psychological war” and told citizens to stay. Just as Hamas assassinated Jewish citizens, they are now telling their own citizens to ignore warnings to safely leave Gaza. Hamas would rather that Gaza citizens die or suffer serious wounds. Does not sound like Hamas gives a damn about Palestine lives. The remaining Palestine people have no guns, ammo, or other sources of war. I expect that 95-99 percent of the civilian population was not involved in the Hamas invasion. Let the civilians depart and let Hamas continue their fight with Israel. Hamas is using Gaza dead civilian bodies as “psychological warfare” for media purposes, to try to turn the world’s focus away from their barbaric atrocities. This is just another “trick of the trade” from one of the most active world terrorist organizations.

38 minutes ago

Considering that the Gaza Strip has been operated by the Israelis as an open air prison since 2007, and most of it’s inhabitants have been refugees since the 1948 and 1967 Arab-Israel wars, and has been under Israeli occupation since 1967, it isn’t surprising that Hamas and the Palestinians are erupting with rage.  Jews don’t seem to get along with anyone, or treat anyone else with respect, otherwise, how do you account for the Jews being expelled from many different countries over the past 2600 years.  (See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Expulsions_and_exoduses_of_Jews ).  Why is that????

6 hours ago (Edited)

Read Amy Chua’s World on Fire – Exporting Free Market Democracy. She explains a lot of world history by showing the concept of market dominant minorities, the top two of which are the U.S. and China. (Does any other country have as many foreign military bases as the US?). She gave the example of Chinese businessmen owning 90% of businesses in the Philippines, and many in Malaysia, Africa and other places. Average Chinese people don’t own a business, however their culture steers people in this direction. She explained that her aunt who was a rich business owner in Philippines was murdered by her maid. 

  Likewise, there are some other cultures where they are good at running businesses – such as the Lebanese in Mexico (Carlos Slim for example… they speak spanish but they are lebanese ancestry) and Senegal, the Ibo in Nigeria. This explains the Croatian-Serbian conflict, Hutus vs Tutsis in Rwanda and many other examples. https://www.amazon.com/World-Fire-Exporting-Democracy-Instability/dp/0385721862

Firstly you have to realise that there are two HAMAS !

The genuine one sitting here at a meeting in Lebanon and aligned with the Palestinian Jihad Resistance ( the REAL deal ) whose representatives are also seated ! 

Then there is the other HAMAS which ISRAEL created – like they masterminded the creation of ISIS !

These are basically ISIS terrorists that ISRAEL has cobbled together and will be used to commit terrorist acts against the Jewish population !

TEHRAN, Oct. 13 (MNA) – The Iranian Foreign Minister held a meeting with some senior officials of the Palestinian Hamas and Islamic Jihad movements during which he stressed that “Resistance is the inalienable right of the Palestinian nation.”

In continuation of his meetings in Beirut –  the capital of Lebanon –  Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of of the Islamic Republic of Iran – met and held talks with some high officials of Palestinian Hamas and Islamic Jihad Resistance movements.

In the meeting –  the latest developments in Palestine and Gaza were discussed and opinions were exchanged.

The Palestinian officials participating in the meeting considered the Al-Aqsa Storm operation to be the natural reaction of the Palestinian nation’s Resistance to the daily-based and continuous crimes committed by the Zionist regime – especially the extremist Netanyahu government

Crimes against the Palestinian nation and the repeated assaults on the holy Al-Aqsa Mosque. 

They vowed that despite the war crimes committed by the usurping Zionist regime against the oppressed citizens of Gaza –  the Palestinian resistance groups stand up against the regime’s aggression with might and have very high strength –  motivation and morale to continue the path of Resistance.



The USA would like you to please blame the Jews, as they order Israel to commit a genocide against the Palestinian people.

With the aim of creating a non-Arab, US controlled military base in the middle east.

1 hour ago (Edited)

Any backlash on US citizens and other NATO nations is clearly inevitable and increasingly likely given their decades of support for Israel’s murderous ethnic cleansing policies, the utter failure of their policies of selective blindness to blatant war crimes and illegal activities, their constant war mongering and plunder across the entire Middle East, endlessly promoting and cheerleading the polar opposite of peace.

3 hours ago

i knew these types of stories would start popping up.  It gives the illusion that they are under attack worldwide, garners sympathy and gives them cover for what they are going to do.  It’s so transparent.  First of all, who in Beijing even knows who this person is and why would they stab him (out of the millions of other people in Beijing) for no reason at all.  

This was written in Nov, 2012 

Israel’s War for Gaza’s Gas

By unleashing Hamas’ rage this November, Israel was able to justify an offensive designed at least in part to begin engineering conditions conducive to its control of Gaza’s offshore gas reserves. But this is just the beginning – many analysts note that Israel is preparing the ground for a  wider military assault against Iran. The tentative ceasefire announced on the 21st is, therefore, highly tenuous. If the ceasefire is breached, a  military ground operation is still on the cards. 


And from Catherine Austin Fitts (as is the link above)

Looks like gas and water as well as other commodities are drivers in the local aspects. Inflation is pushing up the costs of food,fuel,electricity and water in Israel – genocide of 2MM people in Gaza (approximately 50% children) is significant demand destruction that eases the inflation. Israel has announced they are going to cut off food, fuel, electricity and water to the Gaza strip. Control of the gas deposits would be part of this- question is whether they want the gas for Israel or for Europe and does that have anything to do with the questions about the planned African supply of gas to Europe.
I would describe the pandemic polices in Israel as genocide targeted at the Israeli people. So both sides of the Gaza border have populations being targeted. The targeting of the Israeli population is much more subtle. But the way a small group of people accomplish depopulation in both groups, essential to play them off against each other.

10 hours ago (Edited)

Since the Zionazi hasbara in Chief, Bibi Mileikowski called this Israhell’s 9/11, MSM and US politicians treat it as US’s Israhelli created 9/11.

Every piece of war propaganda is SIMILAR to the ONSLAUGHT of propaganda after 9/11 to INCITE BLINDING RAGE and Americans to the cause of the Zionazi entity that has killed many Americans  .

This being a great example:.

“It’s hard to wrap your mind around: The social justice warriors on college campuses around America have come out in support of terrorists who last weekend raped and murdered and beheaded innocent people (including children, women and the elderly) in Israel.”

So hasbara has taken us from babies tossed from incubators to babies beheaded. NONE of these protesters are supporting Hamas 

They are supporting the Palestinians (WHO ARE MAINLY CHRISTIANS AND NOT MUSLIM), who have been occupied by the Zionazi entity since 1946

Lovely crowd in Baghdad.

Go ahead, moron Bibi, PISS THEM OFF!

Why are Palestinians holding Turkish flags? Palestinians are Arabs, not Turks. The Turks are behind this Islamic extremism. I am sure most of these ‘Palestinians’ protesting are actually of Turkish descent, remnants of the radical Islamic Caliphate of the Ottoman Empire. It wouldn’t surprise me if some of them are even members of the Turkish terrorist organisation Grey Wolves.

Anyone see the teacher stabbing in France related to this? It was a Chechen Turk.  Just pointing it out for those that are unaware that Chechens are Turks, and reminding our fellow Russians of their terrorist attacks and the killings of thousands of Russians and the terror instilled onto millions more Russians.


11 hours ago (Edited)

Nazi is broken down into Na and Zi… in 1923 the National Socialist Workers Party “NA”… made a deal with the Rothschild’s World Zionist Party “Zi”… Na-Zi… this is who they really are… they are apart of the new age revisionist sabbatean Moloch Worshipping Judaist !!!

13 hours ago

The U.S. in the 21st century.

Deliberately filled-to-the-gills with repulsive sand-n*gg*rs and predatory Jews, now ready to fight each other in our streets.   Grotesque.   But deliberately so.

Somebody (or, of course, somebodies) want(s) this country torn apart by imported bullsh*t from halfway around the world … why else would they have turned (for example) St. Paul (Minnesota) into Somalia?

Why else would they talk about “Americans Killed in Israel!” when we all know the truth is “Dual-Citizens/Dual Passport-Holders Killed in Israel!”

9 hours ago

Well, ((((they)))) need your outrage to cheer GENOCIDE of a people half way around the world.


13 hours ago

If you live in an area with many Muslims, as I do, avoid crowds. I’m not fearful of them, in general, but they are the only group consistently prone to producing paradise-seekers via kamikaze methods of jihad. The Muslims I have met are hospitable and good citizens. They are not offended if asked about religion if the inquirers is sincere and open. They admire others who firmly attest to religions other than Islam and can present their case with knowledge. They actually enjoy courteous debates. They make good neighbors, love their families and want the best for them.  All that said, I don’t think it is a good idea to invite them into a Western nation. As their population grows, they naturally will conflict with Westerners. Theirs is a religion of conquest, ultimately, believing that there will be no peace until the world is Muslim.  And they affirm that if ever a true caliphate is in place they must kill all non-Muslims. I don’t think you want such a population mixed with the your own. 

9 hours ago

You just described ZIONISM.

I know Muslim people too and your description is a fair and balanced one which is so important as the ZIONISTS are inciting terrorism to make us HATE Muslims as much as THEY DO. But I refuse to bite 

Palestinian Christians and Muslims are NOT my enemy .

And it is not THEY who are causing us all this grief or assuming positions of power, but ZIONISTS ARE 

14 hours ago (Edited)

Just remember as you attempt to connect the dots, it was Obama and his ilk who frequently referred to the lands of Israel and Gaza as the Lavant.  And it was Obama who called Al Qaida the “Junior Varsity Team”… And later we learned SIX of Obama’s Sr Advisors who worked closely with Obama administration were in fact Muslim Brotherhood operatives who enjoy strong influence over US policy. Recall the Ramadan celebrations, the hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood visits to the White House who Obama when questioned often referred to them as moderate Islamists.  All of which biden re-embraced on Jan 21, 2021.

Then consider the opposing group in Washington who are pro-Israel.  The neocons all want the US to join Israel to “get the terrorists”  at “all costs” in “total support of Israel”. 

Each of these two groups share a similar narrative against each other.  That and other features of this event are causing me to believe they’re all on the same side…as more division comes to the people.

14 hours ago

Mr. Obama said the Adhan, the Muslim call to prayer, is “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.” He then recited it, “with a first-class [Arabic] accent.” The opening of the Adhan contains the Shahada, the Muslim profession of faith, proclaiming, “There is no god but God and Muhammad is the prophet of God.” Stating this before two Muslims is the traditional requirement for joining the Islamic faith.       https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2010/aug/20/the-first-presumed-muslim-president/

15 hours ago

Check out our reports for full coverage



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