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Floyd Story With Tucker Get Most Views Ever Noticed at ZH

Tucker continues to play his part….missing the real story while presenting a bit of truth……but ZH has 481,000 views on this article. It rings true with many people.


The real story?

The real story is outside the Overton window, that’s why the real story cannot be discussed.

They were both drug dealers that worked at the same Night Club, a drug filled mostly hispanic music and bar called the Nuevo Rodeo. The CIA/FBI went to Chauvin (with his beauty queen wife) and said we are going to jail you for these 3 deaths your Fentanyl caused, but there is another way….we need you to make a snuff film of your biggest competitor in the drug trade, Floyd. Don’t worry, we will get you off after some dramatics. They lied to Chauvin there, he was a useful drug dealer and played his part.

In the comments, some are not sure why this story is still important…..

“I don’t disagree but I’m not sure what the point of resurrecting that particular beast is when we’re swimming in an ocean of lies.”

2 hours ago

Oh, I don’t know, maybe because it ripped the country apart, caused billions in property damage during those most peaceful protests and set race relations back a couple hundred years. So, I think, maybe, just maybe, it’s a wee bit important that we get the story straight.

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