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Massive Car Crash and Burn, Drone and Still Pictures Showing Vehicle Damage, Wheels Don’t Melt Like Lahaina

stock here:

I found a good drone flyover, these are the best evidence. 1 or sections of the pile up caught fire, and you can see what those look like. All glass typically gone, can’t see if it fractured or melted.

Seems like there just has to be more on the gruond footage that people would have taken shortly after. Maybe those will show up.

2 Points

Lots of times the rubber wheels appear gone.

Most of the time the metal wheels are still present, although in some cases they appear gone. But in ZERO cases do we see a “river” of aluminum like we saw at Lahaina.

Any aluminum welder will tell you…aluminum cools off very quickly after it reaches melting point. If you are plasma torching aluminum, you need to make sure you have enough air pressure and CFM to blow the melted material fully clear before it solidifies again, or you will have a big globby mess. So the rivers of aluminum require a continued energy source. Like a microwave or laser.

Take a good look zoom in, or download and zoom in.

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