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Vigilant News – A New News Aggregator I Am Trying Out

Clearly, “Before It’s News” is now a limited hangout, or controlled opposition. Articles used to get 3 to 10 thousand hits, including my own. Now a powerhouse article might get 400 hits. People are sick of it. And then they continually pimp out John Rolls who just tells scary stories about every day the world is on the brink of WW3 (funny that now he is almost right, LOL, ouch)


Sunday dinner discussions included that almost no one took the last booster of Spike bullshit. In other words…the word is out, everyone now knows that the mRNA and their various formulations were a test, a bio-weapon. At the very least, they know the injections don’t “work” in terms of protection. But even those who got injected, and now know….rarely admit to themselves the damage and risk they put themselves under. It’s some kind of psychological reaction, similar to embarrassment.

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