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Trump Lawyer Jenna Ellis, Threatened With Loss of License, Jail: In Further Abuse, They Steal $5000 From Her While Forcing Her to Lie About Her Client

Bombards Body Language


Indeed, is there something about our shitty diet and the fake foods, and maybe even related to vaccines, aluminum and mercury and more…..maybe all these things have looped together to assist in fighting against the formation of the “super ego” aka the conscience.

You know with so many people up in arms about the 2020 election results, people who didn’t even hear Mr. Trumps speech, why wasn’t there any further investigation into the matter? It stands to reason that considering the glitch in the media feed on election night and Biden’s talent for putting absolutely no effort into his campaign, it seems awfully suss that Joe got the most votes in election history.

Logically it was never gonna happen. Not without some serious election fraud. In my opinion there had been sufficient evidence of fraud including eye witness testimony which couldn’t be proven due to “privacy issues”.

Plus the Dems refused to hand over material, documents were deleted, the voting machines were found to have a great number of problems and people had tampered with many of them.

The list of questions unanswered is practically endless. With all those questions and the level of civil unrest you would think it would be enough to call a do over before hastily swearing lying Biden in.

From an outsiders point of view it all seemed very orchestrated. The eyewitness accounts of certain goings on is staggering. Just like the 9/11 hearing why were certain smoking gun testimonies and logical narratives not allowed to be included in the investigations.

TOWERS DO NOT EVER COME DOWN AT FREE FALL SPEED NATAURALLY. EVER! Not without the aid of highly trained demolition experts. They think and treat us like we’re stupid and granted a majority of Americans are if not highly gullible.

Yet the official narrative of both the election and 9/11 are ridiculous and and carry restrictions about just what is allowed to be spoken of. Like What??? Uh uh. No way. Answer the damn questions and provide supporting evidence!

Let no question go unanswered or else it is fraud. Every time.. Doesn’t matter how famous, rich, or powerful you are, if you killed 3000 people you need to be held accountable. Why wasn’t Larry Silverstein called to testify considering he admitted to giving the order to “pull” tower 7. Thats a demolition term and he said it in context.

It takes about a week to wire a building to fall like all 3 towers did. There wasn’t enough damage to 7 to warrant a collapse. No way. Nor was there on the other 2 towers.

These are the sort of questions in terms of the election that are still unanswered and disregarded. Shame shame. We’re all being lied to and manipulated by people with a student body frat mentality. Seems like after the 80’s no one was able to mature mentally.

stock here: The “very stable genius” surrounded himself with snakes…..lets remember Sydney Powell who was going to release the Kraken, and filed so many cases that were so easily quashed at childish levels.

Comment on Bambards…….Glad Mandy pointed out how the mention of Giuliani’s name made this lady uncomfortable. I think about how the Jews use noisemakers or pound their fists on the table or make hissing sounds at the mention of the name Hamon to drown out the evil. I’ve always felt a strong urge to do the same thing whenever Rudy’s name is mentioned. There is a well crafted narrative about “America’s Mayor” that’s a bunch of bull schiff. I cringed when Trump brought him in closer and closer the same way I cringed when he brought in Sessions, Pence, Barr and a few others. My opinion is that Rudy is and always has been an opportunist and puts forward a fake persona. He will not hesitate to Pence Pres. Trump if he doesn’t get what he thinks he’s entitled to. I got the feeling this lady knows that, too, and supports Pres. Trump. Rudy is probably the one who got her into this frightening (for her) position. Again, just my gut reaction and opinion. I fully expect to be down voted for making this comment. The power of the decades long fake narrative is strong.

Though Patrick Byrne is a controversial figure, I trust his account of the time between the stolen election and January 6th. He, along with Sidney Powell and Michael Flynn had finagled access to President Trump and also observed the team led by Rudy, the White House counsel, and Sidney Powell, who the president intended to appoint as a replacement for Pat Cippolone, White House Counsel, but was thwarted by Mark Meadows and Cippolone in defiance of the President’s order.

In his online book, The Deep Rig, and other publications, he described Rudy as consuming 7 triple scotches during dinner, and having no willingness to understand the technology of the voting equipment that was compromised, no ability to listen and relying on mediocre and corrupt assistants. Instead of working together, those who should have been helping the President were competing with their own agendas. At best, Rudy was a person with past accomplishments who was over the hill, obsessed with his podcast, and probably an alcoholic. It was a major mistake to trust him with the strategy of contesting a stolen election, though Trump was so surrounded by backstabbers by then that I’m not surprised he made that mistake. Jenna Ellis also saw these same things. She walked into this situation pretty naive surrounded by cobras.

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