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13,591 VXX Deaths in USA, 788 Aug 1 to Aug 20: Pfizer is killing 90% in August.

I downloaded the complete available list using Medalert, a superior database processor compared to the VAERS report runner.

I was surprised to see that Pfizer was doing 90% of the deaths. They must be the most trusted, the chosen ones to create the death batches. Pfizer had 158 Batches that killed at least one person, but some batches killed 10 people in just 20 days.

Also noted, “they” are no longer presenting the State of the death. This information is too damning and it proves that this is a giant depop experiment. They are figuring out which bioweapons work best on which demographics.

In August we caught them shipping test “killer batches” all over the States. In August, they stopped reporting the State of the Death. And thus the “bad actor” States can act bad more easy

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