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Ideas to approach your community’s lesser magistrates:

stock here: this looked like a helpful starting point, so saving it.


Ideas to approach your community’s lesser magistrates:

1.  Look up on the internet who your county commissioners are and their county clerk. On their website you can see the usual meeting times, agendas and contact numbers.

2.  Call the county clerk and ask how would someone get on the agenda at the board of commissioners meeting and ask if zoom is available for others that you would like to join you to speak at the board of commissioners meeting.

3. The clerk will share how to get on the agenda, and they will often offer 3-15 minutes for you on the agenda.  You can take that time to speak or if you need more time, such as for a presentation from a science and medical team, or any other subject matter expert, you can let them know for your subject matter you really need about 30 minutes or more and ask how would it be possible for a very important issue. 

4. The clerk will ask you what the subject of your presentation…. and you can share that it’s regarding the multiple adverse effects of the genetic covid shot to your community or friends and family, and that it is on the childhood schedule currently.  You would like to have some subject matter experts present to your commissioners in an appeal to your lesser magistrates regarding the danger of contaminated genetic shots.  Sometimes that will be enough and sometimes the clerk will ask you to reach out to the commissioner chair for permission to be on the agenda.

5. You make want to simply share that you would like them to watch a video of the presentation, or you may want the group of subject matter experts to present on zoom … let us know and we will help as much as we can to get you presenters no matter how rural or urban your county may be. We the People 50 can be some of your subject matter experts but give the group a few weeks to put your meeting on our schedule and line up testimony.

6. Have a small speech, less than 4 minutes, prepared when you speak that is timed and practiced so you can stand strong in front of the board and possible crowd. Have a resolution or action item letter to present at your meeting for their team to consider, sign and send to your AG or Governors office Etc. This may take two visits to your board, the first to educate, the second visit to present our resolution or action letter as an action item.

7. You can also approach your local state legislators, your Attorney General, Governor, your sheriff, your health district boards, your school boards, and even your US legislators with a similar approach of simply calling and asking how to do it. 

8. If you are given time with a legislative aide at the US legislators office… realize that they are the workers, researchers, and the opinion drivers of your US Rep or Senator.  It is worth your time to connect and share your valuable information with them.

9. Remember to be sincere, polite, and have no fear.  The territory that you approach is often opposition or at best neutral territory.   Prayer, having a friend go with you to be in the room as moral support, and putting on the whole armor of God will be helpful.

A book that conveys the value, authority and duty of your lesser magistrates is “The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates” by Matthew Trewhella.

Please let me know how I may help you in this journey!:)


Laura Demaray

Template Letter

Dear ************Team,

I am reaching out to request 30 -45 minutes of your time in *********(month or week) to present a topic that most Idaho residents have heard of but may not know the details and adverse effects to adults, children, and even livestock.  The presentation would include a brave team of scientists, or genomists, or doctors that I ask to be allowed to attend via zoom from around the nation and we will present the evidence of data, materials, and peer reviewed studies that I can leave with you for your review.  This little group of brave people risk their lives, jobs, license, certifications, and privacy to be a resource at our meeting and to share their hard-earned expertise.

I and my colleagues can make the scientifically irrefutable case that this technology is contaminated, adulterated, and misbranded causing death and disability to ******(your state). These deleterious injections and gene therapy technologies cause irreversible damage to children, fetuses, and adults and animals. This technology is now on the child schedule and will be in more products that just Covid shots, but as well in other child vaccines including flu shots. This contaminated and harmful technology is going to be in our once trustworthy livestock vaccines soon as well.  

I am a resident in *********** but will have *****County residents with me there for the presentation.   Even if this is a subject that is frightening or offensive, or even if one believes what media messages that the injections are “safe and effective” ….perhaps our presentation will be the first opportunity to hear the rest of the story.  It could be the best dialogue with some of the bravest and informed subject matter experts that you may ever have regarding this historical, and egregious DNA and life altering technology. 

Thank you so much for your time and consideration.



Resident of *************

Home *********  Cell: *********

Email : *************

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