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Understand What Time It Is In America

Some Say It Is “Past Time”. stock here, the question must be asked, have we already lost? In terms of Number 3, Newsweek is not where something gets “leaked”, Fox, OANN, Britebart, are places where a leaker would go to get the real news out. So number 3 needs to be seen for what it is….it’s a warning. You are being threatened by the agencies that use your hard earned dollars, to finance their activities. To feed their families, they are threatening you.

• Trump is being prosecuted by Biden’s regime + multiple state level Democrats

• Every agency in government has been weaponized to investigate because he’s trying to level the playing field online to empower citizens

• Newsweek just broke the story that the FBI is both investigating Trump voters and treating them like terrorists by using the same types of tools they used against ISIS

• DHS and CISA used proxies to censor influencers like me and for opposing Democrats too effectively • Grandma’s (including one with cancer) who thought they were allowed in the Capitol after police waved them in were thrown in prison over January 6th despite zero violence

• Soros DA’s are releasing pedophiles and criminals to carry out record crime

• Over 7 MILLION illegal immigrants have entered our country under Biden — Only 14 states have populations > 7.4M

• Schools are grooming kids about so called social justice, gender identity and sexual topics (including books with porn in them) while hiding all of it from parents

• People fear saying they vote Republican despite Republicans winning the 2022 popular vote because they know they can lose their jobs over it or be ostracized

• Doctors are giving kids sex changes with the full support of the White House including on children of our troops

• Doctors lose their licenses over disagreeing with the narrative of the Democrats

• Banks, Big Tech and online transaction services have banned prominent influencers for the crime of being conservative

• Inflation and interest rates are destroying our economy in ways that we’ll be dealing with for over a decade • 80-90% of Congress represent their own interests and lobbyists instead of people

• Big Tech companies manipulate what the public sees to sell the Democrats narrative

• Soldiers were fired by the thousands for being conservatives who didn’t want the COVID jab — They even denied chaplains religious exemptions

• People are put through public struggle sessions if they say men can’t be women

• The DOJ and Democrat DA’s are deploying lawfare to bankrupt prominent Trump officials and supporters — “the process is the punishment”

• College kids won’t get into schools if they express any conservative views and many will be failed in classes if professors find out they’re conservative

• Parents were treated like terrorists by Merrick Garland and the DOJ for protesting school boards over COVID and the sexualization of children

• Professional programs to become doctors and nurses are adding steps to screen for ideology to eliminate conservatives: Many do it in sneaky ways (doctors do this with requirements to get the COVID vax in order to get a residency)

• Some states passed laws to take custody from parents who don’t affirm the new gender identity of their kids and even legalized kids running away to their state to get an abortion or sex change

• BLM and Antifa members received multi million dollar settlements after burning down cities with riots and looting for a year because they’re modern day brown shirts that the Democrats had to reward to ensure they do it again in the future

Our future is closer to Russia under Stalin, Cuba under Castro, China under Mao or Venezuela under Maduro than we are to the ideals of our constitution.

We’re living through the intentional destruction of the country we know and love. Why? Because communism never becomes reality without chaos, destruction and separating kids from their parents.

America won’t survive unless Republican politicians get serious and recognize how far down the road to hell we are. It’s not time for Fox News hits where you get the one liner off that you hope to fundraise off of. It’s not time for another hearing that goes nowhere. It’s time to use EVERY lever of power you have to crush these new age communists and yes I mean communists.

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