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After the Last Solar Micronova, There Was a Century of Super High Cosmic Rays, Oct 2023 Research

stock here: This is new research I just came across. The ramification are startling. The abstract, mine. 14,300 years ago, after a Micro-Nova ( or this may have been just a massive CME with high SEP) that may knock out 13 hours of the planet facing the sun, and it might go even higher to be 20/24th of the earth pretty much fried and zapped with super lightning. Then, about 150 to 250 years after that catastrophe, the sun would go into a funky phase, worse than a Maunder Minimum, with hardly any sunspots for a 100 years….thus letting in maximum amounts of cosmic rays. Of the still recovering plant and animal and fungi life, this 100 year period would create a lot of mutations, some of which would be successful, most not, but many new species would appear.

This conflicts and is complementary to the solar micro nova and the 12,000 year cycle. I would be off by a large amount as I have estimated from a copius amount of different methods estimating the cycle to be quite likely, say 2.5 Sigma to fall within 11,500 and 12,500 years. 14, 300 would be not just +-500 years from 12,000, but +2300 years. So we must keep an open mind.

This research, released Oct 9, 2023 is crucial. They are very confident in their selection of the year 14,299 or 14,300 to be very exact and don’t expect it to vary by more than 6 years at most.


The above is odd, given the writers technical competence….do they not see the very quick changes in magnetic field happening right now?? It’s not “still debated”, its happening NOW!

More on this later, its complex new information

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