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As Long As The Palestinians Have Genuine Grievances, There Will Be No End to Hamas

stock here: surely Israel realizes this. So what is their game? I wrote this November 23, and it sat in the draft pile until Dec 29 2023. Here it is.

Israel Economy Minister stated that

Barakat said that Israel would turn Hamas’ underground terrorist tunnel into the “world’s biggest cemetery.”


This seems an odd statement, unless the goal is to create global disgust, and to create large amounts of spoken anti-Jewish sentiment. Maybe the holocaust has “worn off”. And just like a cow, they can’t keep milking it for 75 years.

The article appears to way overstate the numbers, IMHO.

Those two terror groups are estimated to have approximately 50,000 fighters total.

Also in complete gaslighting disgusting irony, the Israeli military is continued to be referred to as “The Defense Force”.

Oh, and just an aside….I have never been presented with any proof that 1400 Israelis were killed in the original raid. And coming in on para-gliders seems absurd

It seems that this is part of a larger program that could erupt at any moment. Ukraine may have already played their part in the distraction, and disgust. Ukraine is wrecked as John Mearsheimer predicted. The $500B rebuild may be one of the objectives of the War Mongers that be.

The Newstatesman lumps Mearsheimer into the box of the world’s most hated thinker. Hmmmm


The presentation at the Romania Energy Center, 2018, the Future of NATO in the Age of Trump

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