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Lets Talk About Mars: The Solar Resources are “Challenging” at Best.

Is this whole thing about trying to colonize Mars a total farce? We might be able to make some people live on Mars, but with continued supply from Earth, using up energy resources, that almost have to be nuclear, there will be no “sustainable” living situation on Mars. Its too far from the sun.


This history of successful missions to Mars is horrific, although getting better. China was by far the most active in Mars missions, until about 1980 they seem to have given up on the idea. Check it out.

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You wrote this no? This is what defamation might actually look like. Trying to undermine someones credibility as a scientist. And then suggesting to people to contact graduate students…

“You know lying arse Jay Cullen and Kenny Boy Buessler (sic) are paid to lie about the contamination of the Pacific. Cullen is at U Vic.

What if you had every email to every graduate student at U Vic Oceanography? Do you think you could say something that would matter, that would stop the lies?

Here they are, all the email addresses.”

And then a link to the old, defunct nukeprofessional.blogspot.com site.

Amazing, sounds like you have a dossier, who are you also on payroll of? But then no working link? No screen cap, no source?
Anyone with a brain and knowledge of chitin, would realize that testing the water for radiation, without testing the krill, aka the chitin, was intentionally doing the wrong thing. On a good note, the chitin did save the ocean by “sacrificing” their own lives, as per the CS134/CS137 data over time.
Are you against free speech, free critical thought? I know, Canada is pretty much toast. USA still has a chance.

Maybe you should do like Kenny, and now pretend that you didn’t cover up the extent of the catastrophe? Try this for gaslighting….Kenny stating now that respectable risks remain, esp with release of the not only present tritium but other isotopes at unreported levels.


but at the time
We address risks to public health and marine biota by showing that though Cs isotopes are elevated 10-1,000× over prior levels in waters off Japan, radiation risks due to these radionuclides are below those generally considered harmful to marine animals and human consumers,

“generally considered”
its shameful, pimping for the nuke industry is shameful

So you do remember writing all of that trash. And you still don’t get it…fundamentals of physics, ionizing radiation and biology. I asked you before if you ever read the original studies out of Russia about chitin and it is clear the answer is still no if you think that levels in seawater now or in 2011 could matter. I actually have collected samples of zooplankton in the NE Pacific side by side with experts on the matter. You don’t understand what you are talking about but that is not a surprise given what you actually do for a living and your training. Expertise matters.

Materials surrounding the online and telephone (and personal) harassment I experienced are all archived as they needed to be for the court proceedings here (screencaps and all) and for the FBI restraining orders that exist for US fanatics.

This guy again!
The Kama-kosmic-crusader,
Skating around Venice beach,
Harry Perry, plays a song where
He says , “I wonder What a man
Might do on Mars?”…
The answer is “nothing “.

Jay, don’t you have something better to do on Thanksgiving day than to be doxxing authors that cover sensitive subjects? I mean you know the radical leftists / collectivist are willing and adept at violence against the truth speakers on the mostly right. So you are willing to put me at this risk? I wonder what your University would say about this, this is about the 4th or 5th time and I have them all documented. Remove your comment or face the consequences.

You doxxed yourself when you wrote to Harvard to complain about me be invited to give a lecture there. They took your strange email very seriously and tracked you and your company down given other threats I was facing at the time. Publicly available information and all that. And it wasn’t Thanksgiving in most of the world. Most of us call it Thursday.

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