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Kissinger is Dead, Now Soros? The World is Improving

stock here: Amazing how some of these great evil types have lived so long. Remember with Kissinger did…..met with Hilary Clinton as chief of State after Fukushima and promised Japan that we would buy all their radioactive food without testing. As a “favor” to them and to get them to soften up on immigration and Globalism in general.

At the start of the Ukraine war, I wrote that I was feeling very uncomfortable being on the same side as Kissinger, he thought that war was not good. ZH brings up a good point. The useful idiot Leftists in the USA (libs sucking down lies of the left) also celebrated the death of Kissinger, but he was often on “their side”. For sure he was a
Globalist, and strategizing with Hillary and her ilk. Check it out and drop a comment.


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