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17,137 Reports of Flu Like Symptons After the VXX!

If they are correctly stating what is in the VXX, then how the heck does flu like symptoms occur?

The answer should be obvious.

Fever, Flu like symptoms., chills/sweating for 72 hrs, Body aches and severe joint pain, disorientation, severe anxiety and jittery, rapid heart rate, Resting heart rate was between 130-140 beats per minute. Severe fatigue and weakness. Stayed in bed for 48+ hrs after adverse symptoms began with little relief.
This was my second vaccine for Covid.  I experience headache, shaking chill and flu- like symptoms.  My left arm was also sore.  I had similar sx with the firat dose of the two but the second dose was definitley more symptomatic.  My chillswere so bad that I could bvarely open the Tylenol container to get the medicine out.  I should also state that I also had the Covid disease and I know that this is a risk factor for having a reaction.  I think people should be told that they could have a reaction so they do not plan anything important the following day, but they should still get the vaccine. The day following the reaction I felt perfect.
body aches, injection site soreness,  joint stiffness,  nausea, head ache,  flu like symptoms
4″x5″ large red raised painful bump  which was hot to the touch flu like symptoms-lethargy, sore throat, stomach upset The symptoms increased in intensity over three days, beginning to see decrease on fourth Treated with ice and Tylenol.  Antihistamin on first day.


The above is a folder that contains 6 spreadsheets that break down VAERS Events into objects I choose to study.

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