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The Scientist Psy-Op

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Just saw a new youTuber talking about the Carrington Event. Some of his actions may simply be self-promotion in the way he is trying to “sell” the story. In this article, the author discusses controlled opposition, he adds valuable context.

At this point I break those down in two basic groups:

  • Economically Controlled
  • Philosophically (ideologically) Controlled
  • Blackmail Controlled

Economically controlled can be subdivided into people are paid directly to push certain narratives, create certain actions such as FBI on Jan 6. Others can be economically incentivized by the promise of a future payment or position.

Which makes want to add one more…..controlled via a promise of power, which may or may not come with a bunch of money. For some people, sociopaths and psychopaths in particular, the power is even more important, control freaks.

We have seen how long things drag out, like the Hunter Biden saga. The law requires a speedy trial, and that is now clearly a joke. So one of the purposes of controlled opposition is simply to delay the inevitable collapse of a obvious lie…such as keeping rules in place that let biological men compete and utterly destroy the biological women that have trained hard mostly their whole lives, and now all dreams are dashed….the longer they keep these lies, and laws, and college rules in place, the more damage they can do.

He proposes that viruses do not even exist, which I disagree with, just saying, it’s kind of absurd on a flat earth level. Isolation is not essential, and why should it be?

My other umbrage is with his statements…..”As Dr Tom Cowan so astutely points out that it’s a good habit to avoid questioning other peoples motives unless they expressly articulate those motives because otherwise it’s basically pure speculation because we can’t get inside their head.”.

We can most certainly make educated guesses at motives, and this may be very important, because in knowing their motives, one can guess at their next moves and position to defend against or sabotage that next move. At least make it common enough knowledge that the Overton Epiphany can play out before they make forward progress.

For sure, the Monkey Pox effect could be 95% due to reduce immune function after the Jabs of all their varieties.

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