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The Leftists Would Rather Burn It All To the Ground Than Relinquish the Power They Have Already Grabbed

stock here: the thought occurred to me that they would rather burn it to the ground. And part of what is occurring now is that they are burning the food plants, burning the forest, burning houses….but the main Goal is a regime change via Disaster Capitalism, using methods of the “Chicago Boys” and others. Fear via high food cost and fear of lack of food are part of that strategy. But the other burnings result in huge insurance claims, that will destabilize. And think of the Excess deaths, and how that could totally bankrupt many insurance companies. But if they don’t succeed they will be fine with burning all the rest of it.

So we can’t just de-power them. They have stolen massive financial assets, and also acquired them via monopoly type structures.

That said I worked with a PA friend to greatly upgrade my burn preparedness first aid kits. I can share if anyone wants. Yes, that is the stage we are in.

stock out

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