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INDIVIDUAL POWER: Why are people afraid to talk about it?….much less even do something about it?

stock here: I occasionally read Jon Rappoport, I think he hits a key point here…..


Because they equate it with misuse of power.

The two are not the same.

I’m talking about the power to affect events; the power to move toward more freedom from oppression, the power to sweep away the garbage of control being exercised over us.

I’m talking about the power to fight and win against evil.

The power to create an enterprise based on merit.

The power to expand that enterprise.

The power to resist slave masters.

The power to rise above the mob mislabeled “democracy.”

The power of the individual to stand up, speak out, and the power to break the chains of cause and effect that would box us in.

The power to invent new realities.

The power to reject those who say we should have no power.

The power to defeat those who claim we must be as weak as the weakest among us.

The power to go beyond the inhibiting strictures of The Group.

The power of the individual to think, and think for himself.

The power to make one’s own future.

The power to stand alone, when necessary.

The power to choose, freely, to work with other honest and honorable individuals.

The power to tear off the masks of groups who pretend to work for the greater good.

The power of the individual to succeed in what he is doing, and not abandon what he is doing because others are failing.

The power to reject the lowest common denominator.

The power to make freedom with responsibility the center of life.

The power to go beyond what we’re told the individual is capable of doing.

The power to reject the shame and guilt other people tell us we should feel. The power to shrug that off like dust.

The power to neutralize and destroy evil Collectivism.

The power to walk freely, even if others insist on crawling.

The power to remove dictatorships over body, mind, and soul.

The power to reject conformity.

The power to use all this power without enslaving others.

There is an obvious and crucial difference between individual power and hostile power over others. There should be no limit on the former, and every limit on the latter.

The law, applied correctly, should enforce the latter.

Because we live in a time of massive Collectivism, individuals are afraid to speak out on their own behalf. This is a fatal mistake.

Collectivism (the group is all) is a con designed to make it seem that enlightened leaders can rule and act on behalf of everyone in the same charitable way. This is unworkable. More than that, it’s a ruse criminals use to rise to political power. Meaning: control. They proclaim themselves prophets and messiahs of a better world—but they’re seeking slaves.

The individual stands against all forms of Collectivism and their disguises.


Within those forms, there are always individuals who aim to gain and use power over others.

If there were an individual who could take off from the ground and fly over rooftops and swoop above streets, it would take about an hour for angry mobs to gather below him, shake their fists, and try to bring him down.

Regardless of their claimed reasons for attempting to destroy him, their real reason would be: they’re pledged to weakness. That’s their ace in the hole. That’s all they have. The “flying man” is unassailable evidence that weakness is not all there is…

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