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EVs Compared to Gas Vehicles

stock here: I do have the ability to do the engineering on these figures.

I know one rule of thumb I have used successfully for Solar customers with EVs is that the average EV gets 3 miles per kWH. Average people on the street are now asking me my opinion on EVs, it seems many people are souring on them.

1 gallon of gasoline = 33.7 kWh.

Gasoline: $2.52/g (Sams Club, MO, 6Dec2023)
Public Charger: $16.18/g equivalent (.48 kWh)
Home Charger: $4.72/g equivalent (.14 kWh)

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I wonder what Matson and other shippers will require when moving one of these risky fire prone battery cars?
Maybe the power of the EV mafia has
Covered up more fires than we’ve seen.

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