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The Three Setup College Leaders — Diversity Hires and Libs That Won’t Tow the Leftist Collectivist Dogma Hard Enough….You Too Shall Be Sacked and Attacked

stock here: These odd stories sometimes take awhile to understand fully.

Let go to the end story first. Israel is committing Genocide, and they have stating this is their goal, to make the Gaza strip the largest graveyard the world has ever seen. And then they pretend that the Genocide is against the jews, and then they set up 3 top Universities so that everyone knows…..if you don’t support the Jews genocide against Palestinians (after they took the land from Palestine), then you are actually for Genocide against jews and therefore must be painfully punished.

Firstly, these 3 leader were made to believe that congress was going to question them on free speech. Then they were careful about what they would say, not wanting to say their students were over the line (OVERTON the line).

The Harvard President, forced to apologize and then still sacked….it’s a message to the Libs, not just a message, a warning, no more than that, a threat….If you do not as, Nimirata Nikki Haley says….support Israel, whatever they want, no questions asked, then you lose your livelihood, be disgraced in public, in front of Congress.

One of them was U Penn, I was surprised they had 30 faculty go to Israel in December on “solidarity”. No wonder U Penn is so effed up.


And the other was MIT.

Here is their policy on Harassment


The MIT Lady is still not sacked, but she has said…..

Kornbluth announced “new steps” aimed at addressing these challenges and fighting antisemitism, Islamophobia and hate, including making sure MIT’s DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) programs “effectively meet campus needs.” She said MIT plans to soon announce a new vice president for equity and inclusion

So if you kowtow enough, they are training the Libs who must bow down to the left, what they must do to keep their jobs. Capite?

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