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Lex Fridman — An Odd Interviewer, Looks Like a Scam, 3.55 Million Followers

Seems like some effed up type of Controlled Opposition to me. Those on Reddit seem to agree.

Thank god for saying this. I mean no harm to the guy. Glad some people like him. But Jesus Christ… he is awful at interviewing…

– doesnt look his guests in the eye!!!!

– trips up on his own wording

– mumbles

– way too impressed w himself and his questions for my own liking

– Wears that dumb ass suit every show like he asked his grandma to pick out his “signature thing”

Feel like he just got lucky getting on Rogan early. As a matter of fact, hes always like top commenter on every single one of Rogans IG posts… like a little fan boy. OMG Im so upset about this!!!

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