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The Cargo Ship Crisis is Manufactured – Creating Supply Chain Nightmare

These have been my thoughts for many weeks. I have seen a few parts outages, and I am in a building supply store probably 2 to 4 times a week. Most of the news is overblown, of course.

But of course it would be in California….and the worst of it at Long Beach of which the Chinese actually held the lease on that Port until Trump grabbed it back. Commie Newsome is handling the “management” of the obstacles placed on the logistics. Still, if something is important to you, and the quality of your life would be degraded without it, I urge you to get several months supply.

Not to add fuel to the fire, to be realistic. The more normal one can live, the more you will be able to navigate through and handle the problems that ARE going to be thrown our way.

We travel up the coast to the Port of Los Angeles to see all the backed up cargo ships. These ships are waiting to enter the port to get unloaded. It gets worse by the week. Our Economy is collapsing before our eyes. #CargoShips #Inflation #PortofLA #iAllegedly #TheFed #inflation #SupplyChain

This pretends to be real news, but it is more bullshit. More panic production. More fear that “not even Christmas” will be allowed this year. And the vast stupidity of “just in time” production in factories and food processing, based on a stupid idea that there is some large time value of money…..well the blame is on us. Long ago, I was a production line manager. I operated on “just in case” breaking Corporate protocol by finding clever hiding spots for my emergency parts. I out produced everyone else in the factory.

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