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Biden Dog Commander, Bites Again, the 12th Known Bite, How Many More Were Hushed Up?

stock here: Mahalo to the Flying Cuttlefish. She is totally following the bad dog meme. Never in known history has I or anyone I know, know of a dog that has bit more than 3 people and not be put down.

Disfunctional owners at best, Dog abusers or worse.

I wonder why they give Peter Doocey front row seats every day….they must want the confrontations, to show that they allow “opposition”.

thank you the governor of Illinois has

0:05 written to President Biden to say the

0:07 federal government’s lack of

0:08 intervention and coordination at the

0:10 border has created an untenable

0:12 situation for Illinois does anybody

0:15 outside of the White House think the

0:17 immigration policy is

0:23 working so here’s what I can tell you I

0:25 just mentioned that the president

0:26 requested $4 billion uh it for a

0:29 supplemental

0:30 funding to address what we’re seeing at

0:32 the border right and to manage what is

0:35 happening currently at the the Southwest

0:37 border more specifically and Republicans

0:39 continue to block us they do they

0:41 continue to block us and without

0:42 Congress the president has taken action

0:45 he’s taken action whether it is uh

0:47 whether surging resources to the Border

0:49 we have removed and returned more than

0:51 250,000 uh 50,000 people since May 12th

0:55 and working with partners and countries

0:57 across the region to actually deal with

0:59 this issue so the president has

1:01 continued to put try to put forth uh

1:03 actions and ways to deal with we’re

1:05 seeing at the border and Republicans

1:07 continue to block us that’s a damn lie I

1:11 just mentioned moments ago like two

1:12 weeks ago they put forth a CR a CR that

1:15 would take away law enforce law

1:17 enforcement at the border different

1:19 topic there are some new pictures of

1:21 Commander Biden biting a staffer again

1:25 how many times has that dog bitten the

1:28 bidens oh boy here we go I would ref I

1:34 would uh I would refer you to the Secret

1:35 Service and also the first lady’s office

1:38 okay it’s the 12th known incident of

1:41 this dog biting a White House staffer a

1:44 lot of times when that happens there’s a

1:46 lawsuit isn’t the president worried

1:48 about getting sued I would refer you to

1:50 the Secret Service or the first lady’s

1:52 office my last

1:53 one is any part of the West Wing

1:58 here just loving the fact that

2:02 Republicans don’t appear to be able to

2:03 govern the one part of the government

2:06 that they actually

2:07 control that’s a bingo nobody’s loving

2:12 anything when it’s when we’re not when

2:14 we’re not able to deliver for the

2:15 American people nobody’s loving

2:18 that when it is important for Congress

2:21 to work not for us but on behalf of the

2:24 American people it is important to make

2:27 sure that we meet the challenges of the

2:29 American people

2:30 that’s what’s important what we saw and

2:32 you heard from the president what we saw

2:34 on Saturday should have never have

2:36 happened we’re glad that a deal was made

2:38 we’re glad that we’re not in a shutdown

2:40 but House Republicans should have never

2:42 gotten us that far oh my God will you

2:44 let it go and so they are the majority

2:49 in in in the house they can fix this

2:51 they’re creating the chaos that is not

2:54 helpful to the American people that’s

2:56 why you saw the president today talk

2:57 about student debt relief and talk about

2:59 what what else he’s doing to make sure

3:00 that we’re giving a little bit of

3:02 breathing room to the American people

3:04 that’s why you heard from the President

3:05 yesterday talking about or our

3:07 announcement talking about um how we’re

3:10 continuing to beat big farmers so we can

3:12 lower uh prescription drug cost for the

3:14 American people that’s what the

3:16 president cares about that’s what he

3:17 wants to see what can we continue to do

3:19 to help Americans as they face really

3:22 tough challenges so this is not we’re

3:24 not loving it it is not helpful to any

3:28 any American across across the country

3:30 in any of the meetings about this in the

3:32 last 24 hours has anybody in the West

3:35 Wing heard anybody talking about the

3:37 possibility of speaker

3:44 Trump good

3:47 one this is something for House

3:50 Republicans to figure out this is

3:51 something for them to fix we’re not

3:53 going to get involved in the speakership

3:56 we don’t care who they who is in the

3:59 race or who is out the race that is not

4:01 for us to figure out the president

4:03 doesn’t have a vote no one here has a

4:05 vote they have to figure this out okay

4:07 Peter if the president’s confident that

4:09 the Congress is going to pass the

4:10 necessary funds to continue uh providing

4:13 Aid to Ukraine why is there the need to

4:16 have discussions about an alternate

4:18 vehicle to provide that

4:20 funding that’s a good question I’m not

4:22 going to get be Beyond or go beyond what

4:24 the president said that’s not going

4:25 Beyond that’s going behind that’s things

4:27 that I’m I’m going to I’m going to let

4:29 the president speak to this he said he’s

4:30 going to give a speech on Ukraine I’m

4:32 going to let him speak to I guess I’m

4:33 confused because the president you we

4:34 said here that the president was

4:36 confident that the aid would continue

4:37 but today the president himself conceded

4:39 he was worried about that are those two

4:41 can those two align I think he’s

4:43 confident and I just dealt with this

4:46 uh no no I’m happy I’m happy to repeat

4:48 myself uh he’s what we’ve heard from

4:52 house members both Republicans and

4:54 Democrat we heard from Senators both

4:56 Republicans and Democrats have said have

4:59 said that they want to continue the

5:00 support in Ukraine so that ukrainians

5:02 can continue to fight against the uh

5:04 Russian aggression we’ve heard that

5:07 majority right overwhelming majority

5:09 just answer the damn questions so that

5:11 still stands right that has not gone

5:13 away that still stands that that

5:15 commitment that we have heard publicly

5:18 from them still stands so that is where

5:22 we are with that that is why we are

5:24 confident that yeah you know what there

5:26 is Broad support now if the president

5:28 wants to take an extra step and explain

5:30 and talk through the importance of of uh

5:33 supporting Ukraine that’s what he wants

5:36 to do it’s not the first time he’s done

5:37 it multiple times

5:39 uh no even when we’ve had bipartisan

5:43 continue to have bipartisan support

5:44 because he’s confident not because he’s

5:46 worried I guess I’m going to let the

5:48 president lay out when when the time

5:50 comes as to why he wants to why he wants

5:53 to speak to Ukraine what I can say is

5:55 what we’ve heard from Congress because

5:57 it is up to Congress right right now to

5:59 move forward on how they’re going to

6:01 move forward in funding in funding the

6:03 support for the Contin funding support

6:05 for Ukraine but it’s important for us to

6:07 point out what they’ve said publicly has

6:10 the president spoken to speaker McCarthy

6:11 or for now former speaker McCarthy since

6:13 yesterday has he spoken to the speaker

6:15 protm um McKenry in the time since has

6:18 he had any calls that you can share with

6:19 us with those because he needs them as

6:21 he acknowledged to try to get Congress

6:23 working and to get America working again

6:24 for the American people I’m not going to

6:26 get into any private conversation oh my

6:28 God you’re right the president was very

6:30 clear he believes that they need to get

6:32 back to work house needs to get back to

6:33 work they need to figure out who their

6:34 speaker is going to be he’s willing to

6:36 work in good faith with whoever the

6:38 speaker is just when you say just to be

6:40 clear when you say I’m not going to get

6:41 into private conversations you’re not

6:42 acknowledging that there were private

6:44 conversations just that you won’t say

6:45 Yes what I what I can say is as what I

6:47 can say is senior senior staffers as

6:49 I’ve said many times have been in close

6:51 touch with members in Congress over the

6:53 past several weeks over the past several

6:54 months that’s something that happens

6:56 pretty regularly and I can say this that

6:58 the president himself regularly often uh

7:01 has conversations with members in in

7:05 Congress

7:06 right because of his long some of them

7:09 are relationships that he’s had for some

7:11 time now just not going to get into each

7:13 conversation that he’s had their private

7:15 discussions we don’t read out each and

7:17 every uh conversation that the president

7:19 has that’s where I’m going to leave it

7:20 thank

7:21 you thank you Ken uh I’m going to follow

7:24 up on my colleague’s questions about the

7:25 president’s speech I know you can’t

7:27 speech about uh talk about the substance

7:28 of it but can we understand this as an

7:31 acknowledgement from the president that

7:33 he perhaps could be doing better in

7:35 terms of explaining to the American

7:36 people why supporting Ukraine is within

7:38 their best interest and maybe an

7:40 acknowledgement that there is waning

7:42 support from the American

7:47 public so

7:49 look the president has spoken multiple

7:52 times about the importance of funding

7:54 continuing to fund Ukraine he did it on

7:56 Monday he did it on Sunday he did it

7:58 today and he talked about how there’s a

8:01 direct link in supporting Ukraine

8:03 continuing that funding to our own

8:05 National Security that had that that is

8:08 something that he’s been pretty

8:09 consistent

8:10 about

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