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3-24-33 Jews Declare War on Germany

stock: Not sure how this escaped my attention so far:

I consulted AI on this issue, and this curious exchange took place. At the far bottom I put the whole text of the article

I consulted AI on this issue, and this curious exchange took place. At the far bottom I put the whole text of the article

It is also curious that the article states that there were 600,000 jews in Germany, and 14,000,000 Jews overall in the world….but somehow, Germany was able to kill 6 Million. Methinks the lady doth

It is also curious that the article states that there were 600,000 jews in Germany, and 14,000,000 Jews overall in the world….but somehow, Germany was able to kill 6 Million. Methinks the lady doth exaggerate.

I was ignorant to this history, but on 3-24-33 the daily express ran articles on how Judea aka Jews declared war on Germany, can you find 5 sources that talk about this and the motivations


I must clarify that the claim that “Judea (Jews) declared war on Germany” is not accurate. The Daily Express did publish articles in March 1933 discussing concerns about Nazi policies, but the notion of Jews declaring war on Germany is a misinterpretation or exaggeration of historical events.

The articles in question were more about expressing concerns regarding the treatment of Jews in Germany under Adolf Hitler’s regime, rather than an official declaration of war. It is crucial to approach historical information with accuracy and context.

If you’re interested in learning more about the events surrounding that time, I can provide information on the rise of the Nazi regime, the persecution of Jews, and the global reactions to these developments. However, there won’t be sources specifically confirming a declaration of war by Jews against Germany in 1933, as it did not occur in that manner.


well usa boycotted oil to japan and that was a primary reason that japan attacked pearl harbor so that boycott was akin to a declaration of war, at least an instigation. So in the daily express article it is titled Boycott of German Goods, Mass Demonstrations. The headline of the paper itself was “Judea declares war on Germany” and contained this text The Israeli people around the world declare economic and financial war against Germany. Fourteen million Jews stand together as one man, to declare war against Germany. The Jewish wholesaler will forsake his firm, the banker his stock exchange, the merchant his commerce and the pauper his pitiful shed in order to join together in a holy war against Hitler’s people regardless of harassment of jews by the germans and Nazis, this is still a declaration of war, methinks it clearChatGPT

I appreciate your clarification on the specific wording used in the Daily Express article. However, it’s important to note that the term “declare war” in the context of your description may be more metaphorical or symbolic rather than an actual declaration of war in the legal or diplomatic sense.

In historical terms, a declaration of war typically involves a formal statement issued by a government, and it is a significant diplomatic and legal action. The events you described in the Daily Express article seem more like an expression of strong condemnation and economic resistance rather than a formal declaration of war. Declarations of war usually involve a nation’s government making an official announcement and taking legal and military actions against another country.

The language used in the Daily Express article may have been sensationalized or interpreted in different ways, but it’s crucial to distinguish between symbolic language and the formal declarations of war that are recognized in international law. The situation you mentioned is indeed significant and reflects the tensions of the time, but it’s important to approach historical events with a nuanced understanding of the language used and the context in which it was written.

Daily Express Friday, March 24, 1933

Judea declares war on Germany

Jews of All The World Unite in ActionBOYCOTT OF GERMAN GOODS



“Daily Express” Special Political Correspondent.
ALL Israel is uniting in wrath against the Nazi onslaught on the Jews in Germany.

Adolf Hitler, swept into power by an appeal to elemental patriotism, is making history of a kind he least expected. Thinking to unite only the German nation to race consciousness he has roused the whole Jewish people to a national renaissance.

The appearance of the Swastika symbol of a new Germany has called forth the Lion of Judah, the old battle symbol of Jewish defiance.

Fourteen million Jews dispersed throughout the world have banded together as one man to declare war on the German persecutors of their co-religionists. Sectional differences and antagonisms have been submerged in one common aim – to stand by the 600,000 Jews of Germany who are terrorised by Hitlerist anti-Semitism, and to compel Fascist Germany to end its campaign of violence and suppression directed against its Jewish minority.

World Jewry has made up its mind not to rest quiescent in face of this revival of medieval Jew-baiting.

Germany may be called on to pay a heavy price for Hitler’s antagonism to the Jews. She is faced with an International boycott in commerce, finance, and ministry. She may find herself in spiritual and cultural isolation, recoiling before the burning crusade that Jews of all lands are launching in defence of their afflicted brethren.

The Jewish merchant prince is leaving his counting-house, the banker his board-room, the shopkeeper his store, and the pedlar his humble barrow a holy war to combat the Hitlerist enemies of the Jew.CONCERTED ACTION

Plans for concerted Jewish action are being matured in Europe and America to strike back in reprisal at Hitlerist Germany.

In London, New York, Paris, and Warsaw, Jewish merchants are uniting for a commercial crusade against Germany

Resolutions are being taken throughout the Jewish business world to seve trade relations with Germany.

Large numbers of merchants in London have resolved to stop buying German goods, even at the cost of suffering heavy loss.

Similar action is being taken throughout the United States. Mass meetings in New York and other American cities attended by hundreds of thousands of indignant Jews, have called for a wholesale boycott of German goods. In Poland the trade embargo on Germany is already in operation. In France a proposed ban on German imports is being widely canvassed in Jewish circles.

A concerted world boycott by Jewish buyers is likely to involve grave damage to the German export trade. Jewish merchants all over the world are large buyers of German manufactured goods, chiefly cotton goods, silks, toys, electrical fittings, and furniture.

A meeting of the Jewish textile trade in London has been called for Monday to consider the situation and to determine what steps should be taken in regard to Germany.SHIPPING THREAT

Germany is a heavy borrower in foreign money markets, where Jewish effluence is considerable. Continued anti-Semitism in Germany is likely to react seriously against her. A move is on foot on the part of Jewish financiers action to stop.

Germany’s Transatlantic shipping traffic is likewise threatened. The Bremen and the Europa, the German crack liners, may suffer heavily from a Jewish anti-German boycott. Jewish trans-ocean travellers from an important part of the patrons of these liners because of their extensive part in international trade. The loss of their patronage would be a heavy blow to Germany’s Atlantic trade.

World-wide preparations are being made to organise great Jewish demonstrations of protest to call attention to the sufferings of the German Jews at the hands of the Hitlerites, and to demand action to stop German anti-Semitism.

The whole of American Jewry has been roused to an unprecedented heat of indignation agents Germany. A rabbinical decree in New York has made next Monday a day of fasting and prayer over the Hitler campaign.

Fasting will begin on Sunday at sunset and finish at sunset on Monday. All Jewish shops in New York will be closed on Monday during a parade.

Apart from a monster meeting in Madison Square Garden, meetings are to be held in 300 American cities.

Madison Square Garden will see the remarkable sight of Bishop Manning peaking from a Jewish platform appealing for an end of the Hitler “terror”.

Every Rabbi in the City of New York has been placed under a scared obligation by Rabbinical decree to devote Saturday’s sermon to the plight of the Jews in Germany.

The “New York Times” this morning says a list of a thousand German immigrations who have come to the United States during recent years has been compiled by an overseas Nazi organisation, the object being to use these people for Nazi propaganda in the United States.SPECIAL SESSION

The organisation of Jewish youth in Britain is organising demonstrations in London and the provinces during the week-end.

The Board of Deputies of British Jews, representing the entire Jewish community in Great Britain, is meeting in special session on Sunday to discuss the German situation and decide on what action is to be taken to counteract the attacks on their German fellow Jews.

Members of the American House of Representatives are introduction resolutions protesting against the anti-Jewish express in Germany. The American trade unions, representing 3,000,000 workers, have also decided to join in the protests.

Representative Jewish organisations in the European capitals are understood in to be making representations to their respective Governments to use influence with the Hitler Cabinet to induce it to call a halt in the oppression of the German Jews.

The old and reunited people of Israel are rising with new and modern weapons to fight this age old battle with their persecutors.


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Stock, Ron Unz at Unz.com has written a number of essays – all imo well written and well researched, and they are followed typically by hundreds of unedited comments, typically adding to the quality of the whole – on the ‘hidden history of the 20th century.

Unz, who is of Jewish background, is a physicist by training, but launched the Unz Review years ago to give voice to alternative articles of merit or interest that were not being published by mainstream.

His online effort with Unz.com is brilliantly set up in my opinion.

He has made a kind of later-in-life second career of explaining/confessing his new ‘educational experience’: finding out that so much that we have been told about what has been going on has been false, deceptive, etc.

Many of his articles deal with the 2nd WW and Jewish influence on things, and he is not hesitant to call a spade a spade.

I highly recommend you check his work out. Cheers.

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