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Election Integrity Organized Effort

I emailed them and got this response, and will volunteer with a new email account.


Thanks for reaching out Rich,

In brief, we have to manage the problem at the State level using both litigation and legislation very quickly. Hundreds of lawsuits and legislative bills are pending in states all across the country.

We have assembled two teams to find, load into a spreadsheet, link and report on each event so that we can narrow efforts to make 2024 a much more legitimate election process on a state-by-state basis.

These are research teams and we have to break the workload down to assigned states for each researcher in order to track everything going on with election laws across the country.

The data will be used by our legal professionals to target key issues in key states more effectively.

It will be an ongoing effort for the entire election cycle.
If you can assist with this mission, thank you!


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