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The “Vaccines” Are Quite Risky in the Short Term, Unknown in The Long Term, And They Don’t Even Work

So Mandate them!!!!!

Stunning New Study Undercuts the Case for Vaccine Mandates

One lie that they have trotted out repeatedly, is that VXXd who get COVID have much less severe sickness, and MUCH less chance of Death. And those are utter effing lies, but the brain dead latch on without even trying to do any research.

With President Biden’s federal vaccine mandate and local government employment mandates looming, the future of countless workers is up in the air. Yet new research undercuts the stated justification for these mandates.

Big-government politicians claim that vaccine mandates are necessary because unvaccinated individuals are a danger to not just themselves but society. They argue that choosing to remain unvaccinated exacerbates the spread of the deadly virus. But according to a new study published in the Lancet, this doesn’t appear to be true. 

The article below points out some of these facts, but accepts the lie about less severe and less deaths without examination, and ignores the dangers of the vaccine. So its weak. Its partly on point, and then it throws in the towel in the conclusion.

The vaccines do appear to highly reduce the chance of hospitalization or death from COVID-19. That’s why I chose to take the COVID vaccine and have encouraged several people in my life who are at risk of COVID to do so. But the fact remains that the main benefit of COVID vaccination is personal, not societal. 

This is why Stanford epidemiologist Jay Bhattacharya calls the development of these vaccines “a wonderful achievement” that has “protected so many people from severe outcomes of the disease,” but ultimately concludes that vaccination is a matter of personal health—not public health. 


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