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Deletion of Some Online Accounts

I am not sure if this “deletion service” is legitimate, but I thought it worthwhile in trying to delete some accounts. I am also going to start some accounts with my real name.

Some of you that follow me on social media are going to find some accounts deleted.

The site is Your Digital Right.org


——————— after generating the deletion request, they follow with

A deletion request has been copied to the clipboard, all you need to do is paste it in an email, reivew it, and click Send. Organizations have 45 days to comply, and may ask you for additional information to help identify you in their systems.

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to: ads@zerohedge.com

cc: 4039238b-b510-4cc9-bd1b-ac944069ff38.request@inbound.yourdigitalrights.org

subject: Data deletion request (ref: 4039238b)

To the Attention of the Privacy Department / Data Protection Officer / Legal Department of ZeroHedge (zerohedge.com),

account name

<user name>

verify deletion by return email, thanks!

I am writing to request that you delete my personal data from all of your paper and/or computer records pursuant to Section 1798.105 of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

To the extent that you rely on consent to process my personal data, I withdraw that consent. To the extent that you rely on your ‘legitimate interest’ to process my personal data, I object to the processing as there are no overriding legitimate grounds.

If you are selling my personal data to third parties, please consider this email as my direction to you not to sell my personal data to third parties.

Please don’t ask me to perform a self-service process such as locating my information on your website, filling out a form, or providing a mobile advertising ID. These requests place an undue burden on my side.

If you are not able to comply with my request to delete all of my personal data, please advise as to the specific reason for which this request cannot be acted on. Please advise which sections and subsections of the law you are relying upon, and identify the specific reason for which you are relying on those exceptions, such as which legal obligation, or internal purpose or use. Please delete all my personal data which does not fall under these exceptions.

This email message was sent from my personal email account (as you can see in the email headers). Please use this fact to verify my identity. Please do not ask me to provide any further identifying information, as this places an undue burden on my side. If you are legally obligated to require additional identifying information in order to verify my identity, please let me know as soon as possible.

Please confirm that you have deleted my personal data from your paper and/or computer records and that you have followed up with any third-party organization with whom my information has been shared to ensure that they deleted their copy of the data.

My preferred method of contact is email.

Please note that I do not consent to any personal data which is part of this request to be used for any purpose other than fulfilling this request, except in the case of a suppression list, which you may keep in order to ensure that you do not collect any of my personal data in the future.

Please note that you have 45 days to comply with this request.

Kind regards,


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