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Putin Killing Navalny, Is Like Bashar al-Assad Gassing His Own People

stock here: this is so transparent as to be laughable, but let’s hold on laughing in nexus to a human death.

Navalny was effective neutered. He was no longer a threat, could no longer incite large protests. There is no reason for Putin to have him killed, and every reason to keep him alive as a reminder of the fate of dissidents.


Everyone is sick of this deadly Ukraine operation. So who did kill Navalny? Who would have motivation and capability? Do you think someone could convince one of the other dangerous criminals at this prison outpost to do him in? Maybe 50,000 Rubles to help their family?

That is much more credible. note that Zerohedge isn’t even covering Navalny today. Old news, trying to milk it like the suspicious as hell Oct 7. And the Widow gave a speech, but no video of the speech can be found, just still pictures. No body language interpretation.

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