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Peak Insanity — The Trans Agenda, It’s Mental Illness That Needs Treated, Not Affirmed


4 replies on “Peak Insanity — The Trans Agenda, It’s Mental Illness That Needs Treated, Not Affirmed”

Stock. my quibble with your comment is the reference to “leftism”. This term and its various alternatives is so saturated with loose over use that I deem it basically either now a commonplace misleading absurdity or hopelessly opaque through countless re-treaded abstractions.

So I would replace your term with some means of expressing the tendency for very wealthy people to veer towards variations of control, and away from variations of freedom.

If I recall, the words plutocrat literally means ‘the wealthy rule’, and you are quite right that billionaires seem often to implicitly assume that their financial success-by-whatever-means entitles them to wear the hallowed mantle of human/god status.

Political and theological ideologies of any stripe have so often, as Lord Acton observed, been corrupted by power. Control freaks come in all flavours.

My quibble is meant with great respect. Thanks for your prodigious efforts on behalf of essential truth….

Part of my mission is to point out that Left does not equal Liberal (maybe if you call it Neo-Liberal) and certainly not Classic Liberal, which is almost the direct opposite of “Leftism”. Many people use the term Left and nearly know nothing about what it means, yes the authoritarians of all the different colors (and I don’t mean race), all the ‘isms

Hoping for signs of peak insanity; mental illness deified as ‘progressive’; just about any atrocity can be purchased; Scum rises to the top. A mix of stupidity, arrogance and cruelty fashionable. Hysteria and frayed nerves proliferating.

On the other hand, truckers and farmers seem to still possess some formidable and functional virtues, backbone and common sense and such. So maybe everything won’t keep sliding closer and closer to going all to hell.

Oldster I hope so too. It seems that business success takes a person into thinking they are more than they really are, and they swing to leftism which is basically authoritarianism, aka I am special therefore I should decide whats best for you. Otherwise why would there not be dozens of billionaires fighting against this obvious evilness. The rich do not need to suffer bad consequences of their bad policies….they do suffer, but that suffering is obscured by “success”. Those that live closer to truth cannot afford bad decision making.

On LinkedIn, a conspiratorial coach type, says
You need to remind yourself every morning and before bed, you are an intentional man who uses his phone with integrity, not a boy who is a slave to his vices.

This is how you remain clear-headed, drastically improve decision-making, and protect your relationship with your loved ones.

Trust me:

No notification is that urgent.
It can always wait until the afternoon.

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