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Let’s Talk About Israel and Hamas

In response to my article on how the Nova Film Festival (no go) looked scripted at least in part.

They were set up that is for sure, even the Army did not want to give the permits for the concert/ rave but were over ruled by the highest commanders.

I don’t think they cared if Hamas did kill them. Israel dispatched multiple “Taquila teams” ( quick reaction commando teams) 4 hours before the attack and finally got off their duff to do something…but young conscripts were not warned and many slaughtered in their bunks while sleeping….
2 army bases were over run.

To say it was Mossad that did all this is to under estimate Arabs, exactly one of the “mistakes” Israel’s otherwise “smart” Intelligence services did. OF COURSE they knew it ( an attack) was coming…female IDF spotters told them, Egypt Told them, and I am sure Human intelligence in Gaza told them…

Quite a bit of southern 1948 Israel was a mele. Some elements of Hamas were using cars marked up as Israeli police cars, and set up armed checkpoints with ATGM’s…22 towns in 1948 Israel were over run with Hamas fighters, and in areas closer to the border just regular opportunist looters from Gaza.

Even farther out cities like Ofakim had incursions and many disarmed Israelis were killed. The Tequila teams were mostly mopped up by Hamas armed with Tandem charge and Thermobaric RPG’s, and sheer numbers at first….and yes some Hamas were dressed like IDF….so everything that moved got shot by some people just trying to survive the onslaught.

Friendly fire killed a lot of people…how many of us could tell friend from foe under such circumstances? Israel will have a very hard time eliminating Hamas…in fact under the current circumstances it will be nigh impossible. Motives for letting the attack happen are not 100% clear to me. Either the the “top brass” in Israel under estimated Hamas, or they are idiots who work for a different goal…

( likely a bit of both). Israel allowed funding to Gaza ( and by extension to Hamas Civil Servants) from multiple sources. Israel agreed for Hamas to develop the 1 Trillion TCF “Gaza Marine” gas field ( the only one totally inside Gaza’s Ocean zone). All was for “extending the ceasefire” with Hamas, in fact for a while good for Likud / Netanyahoo that Hamas ruled Gaza, it prevented a Palestinian state, and Netanyahoo is on record saying so.

One glaring fact is Qatar ended it funding for Gaza a few months before the attack…they must have gotten a whiff of the plan from the leaders exiled there, at least that is how it appears to me. Don’t forget Qatar is where CENTCOM is based. I don’t think Qatar wanted the attack, but certain elements did… Netanyahoo was a “persona non Grata” in D.C. before the attack, and protests were conducted to topple him in the months before…as well at the corruption trials.

Even when he tried to fire his Defense Minister Gallant, the Prime Minister could not do so, re-instating the defense minister after protests from the security establishment. ( please look it up!) But IMHO this is not just about Netanyahoo, this about creating A Palestinian State…and guess who was in the way…it’s a game with Human lives as pawns ( as always). Israel will take Hamas down a couple of notches, the USA/ U.K. / EU will set up a Palestinian ( Arab) state that is supposedly not run by Hamas but run by the same people raised under their “education” system.

Israel might well implode as 600,000 + Israelis who live in Judea and Shomron are expelled from the center of Israel….at least that is the plan announced recently by the USA. Truing to stuff people who mostly live in houses and Mobile homes into overpriced and over taxed Apartments they will have to pay for would cause massive unrest.

Anyone who knows what happened to the 10,000 Jews of Gaza ( and 4 towns in the Shomron) in the “disengagement” of 2005, knows Israel did not take very good care of them after dozing their homes…pawns on a chessboard.

They had to continue paying for their mortgages on their old homes, while trying on their own dime to resettle somewhere else.

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The 9/11 style human “sacrifice.
They say Silverman collected double indemnity payouts for the WTC.
Who? Benefitted? From the pre-planned
“Homeland Security “ and “war on Terra”,
as Bush used to say it. The so-called
State of Israel? Yup. And now the sinister power can destroy their own Prophetically returning Jewish settlers,
because it’s really about War Power and Profit and Propaganda. Related note:
The movie “Munich” about 1972, seems
to hint in a couple of scenes that the Black September terrorists at the
Olympics were really Mossad, and a few
dead “Israeli” athletes were killed to gain Billions in support for “Israel” war bucks.

I love it “the so called State of Israel”, i mean who are these people really, I am sure some are “Jews”. I don’t have the full answer, yet. Maybe AI will help me get there, LOL. Or turn me in. I was just thinking this AM that it is not just the reported 15 point IQ advantage that many Ashkenazi have, as an average, but its mostly about “being in the club”. The unbroken tribe. Certainly if we can see it, all the congress critters MUST be aware of the “tribe” being appointed into every major position, the rest being the “oppressed” minorities that will do anything their handlers tell them to to retain their power and privilege.

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