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An “Honest Government Ad” Pokes Fun At the Hypocrisy of Australia and “Climate”

All joking aside, China accounts for 30% of ALL of Australia’s exports. China controls Australia, and Australia has responded with total abuse of it’s citizens. Australia has also been rewarded by the bankers that be, by a massive run up in the value of their currency. 40% Increase in the value of their money.


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No one knows how $80 billion in climate financing was spent in 2019


Over the past decade, rich nations and private enterprises have raised at least $500 billion to help developing countries cope with climate change. This financing plan, hatched in 2009, was supposed to build to an annual mobilization of $100 billion by 2020, and was designed to offset the unfairness of climate change—of poor countries suffering because rich countries had already emitted their way to wealth.

Developed countries, as we’re finding out now, have missed that $100 billion target. Just as importantly, though, it turns out that no one—no individual, no government, no multilateral agency—knows precisely how all this climate funding is being spent, or even if it’s being spent at all. Even the best such database, maintained by OECD, is a broad-brush one and has many gaps—not least in the details of private financing. The very term “climate financing,” in fact, has often proved to be slippery and malleable, defined by parties according to their own need or convenience…

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