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Why Have A Huge Portion of Society Latched Onto the Lies They Have Been Fed About “Gender Affirming” and Systemic Racism, aka even Math Is Racist

stock here: pre-shower epiphany, the breakdown of trust in “everything” but especially governmental operations, has left a floundering many in search of things they can get behind.

Enter the propaganda media, Hollywood, and they can feed the necessary lies into the populace. Now put patriotism and basic good reasoning into the evil basket, where the MAGA and Trumpers Rumper lay and lie.

How sad, these MK-Ultra abused fellow humans with little ability to understand even the abuse they have been put under. They cannot even do a simple thought experiment to figure out the action reaction results of promoting children into a mental disphoria in which they are likely to want to, or actually try to, kill themselves — as Gender Affirming “Care”

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