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It’s Time to Take Down All The Heroes. Honey Pots and Psychic Panderings: Mercola in Focus

stock here: As I read this first tweet, I thought that Doctor Mercola had discovered a third of fourth stage cancer, although I was certain he did not take The Jab. Not so, instead the story is that he is taking drastic actions at his own company, including firing his sister, purportedly on advice of a psychic. Here is a reference story from 2022


I killed off my Twitter account, but just had to get another one because there is too much “news” on Twitter. Here is just the screen cap.

I also do not have time to dig into this on this most evil day of the year. I shall focus on creating my best self by getting shit done, without the aid of BAHLON

The sub-stack universe is indeed rich and diverse.


From the substack

Remember that time that I said there are cultists all over the MFM, collected enormous amounts of information about it all, and I got mostly eye rolls from the various serious people leading the movement who are otherwise themselves engaged in various gaslighting?

Here is Dr Alexander, he does speak some truths. The volume of his work is such that it is clear that he is paid for this effort.


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