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Brush Junkie Beats on Satanic Police Chief Pelletier (Mar 13 Update)

Stacy continues to do outstanding coverage of this massacre of the nicest city in the USA.

Hello to all Truth Seekers and Independent Investigators. I recently joined Michelle (from StandTogetherHawaii.com and Blossom Inner Wellness) for my comprehensive presentation about Maui Police Chief John Pelletier on a local Hawaiian television station Find her Channel Here:    / @blossominnerwellness   =) In this video I cover everything we know so far about Maui Police Chief John Pelletier, including: It basically appears that he was hired to cover up the deadliest mass shooting in US history with his After Action report for the Mandalay Bay shooting, and now it also appears that he may have been hired to do the same for the deadliest fire in US history. (Source: Mindy Robinon’s investigative report, “Route 91, Uncovering the Cover Up”:    • Route 91: Uncovering the Cover Up   It was already known that Commissioner Redeker had an adversarial relationship with Chief Faaumu, which would later be documented with the Maui County Board of Ethics. Chief Faaumu was eventually railroaded into early retirement on April 30th, by Maui Police Commissioner Mark Redeker and the Executive Officer of the Honolulu Police Commission James Yuen. Mark Redeker also attempted to terminate Faaumu’s retirement benefits, but the Commission voted against doing so, with Redeker being the only vote against Faaumu retiring in good standing. https://www.civilbeat.org/2021/05/the… This was a violation of the Maui County Charter, Article 10, Code of Ethics Provision regarding the disclosure of confidential information. During the month of August 2021, after the August 25, 2021 Police Commission meeting, Commissioner Redeker did travel to Las Vegas and did meet with then Las Vegas Metro Police Department Captain John Pelletier which is conduct that is questionable at best not to mention hints of being unethical. An investigation needs to be conducted to determine whether this meeting occurred and statements from both Commissioner Redeker and Pelletier to explain why this was not revealed needs to be done separately to avoid any collusion by them. As you would know, any meeting between a Commissioner and a candidate regardless of its intent is unethical during the selection period especially if the other candidates weren’t given the same considerations. This is a violation of the Maui County Code of Ethics which ultimately affected the outcome of the selection of the Chief of Police. This paved the way for Pelletier (the hiring authority) to have the HRS resident requirement waived. This is not coincidental. This is another example of unethical behavior. Not being familiar with local government procedures, Pelletier again must have had inside information regarding the waiving of the HRS resident requirement, abusing the system. Maui County Board of Ethics complaint received from Malamapono Maui about Commissioner Redeker committing an ethics violation: https://www.mauicounty.gov/DocumentCe… First Meeting with John Pelletier and Charles Hank:    • Full private meeting with Maui Police…   December 17th, 2021: The First Commanders Meeting is recorded by a confidential source within MPD.    • FULL Secret Recording of Maui PD Comm…   First Commanders Meeting:    • FULL Secret Recording of Maui PD Comm…   February 6th, 2022: Deyna Puckett’s written testimony to the Salary Commission opposing a pay raise for Police Chief Pelletier. “Commission Member Mark Redeker stated in the Hawaii News Now Deyna Puckett’s written testimony to the Salary Commission opposing a pay raise for Police Chief Pelletier: https://www.mauicounty.gov/DocumentCe… Maui Now article on Pelletiers complaints: https://mauinow.com/2022/08/18/maui-p… Pelletiers Department Operations Center (DOC):    • Retired Police Chief assist Speaks Ou…   Roadblocks: (1) the “Chart House” at Front street and the highway    • Maui Police Blocked Escape Routed as …   (2) the highway at Kapunakea    • Lahaina Fire Police Roadblocks Docume…   (3,4) the highway BOTH WAYS at Keawe street    • Lahaina Fire Police Roadblocks Docume…   (5) the bypass at Keawe street    • Lahaina Fire: A Heart-Wrenching Story…   (6) the highway at Papalaua    • Lahaina Fire Police Roadblocks Docume…   (7,8) the highway BOTH WAYS at Lahainaluna road    • Video shot by Lahaina residents appea…   (9) the highway BOTH WAYS at the south end of Front Street    • Survivor Story of Escape from Lahaina…   February 5th, 2024: Pelletier releases MPD’s After Action report    • Maui tragedy After Action report rele…  http://www.mauipolice.com/uploads/1/3…

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