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Educate With Links and One Line Summaries, The Battle Is On, It’s Time to Up Your Strategy

stock here: here was some good and succinct advice on how to educate (stay away from “red pill” that will put people immediately on guard even if they can’t grok the true meaning).

AI Improved my opening salvo like this——————————

Here is some concise and valuable guidance on fostering understanding (avoiding the term “red pill,” which may instantly trigger defensiveness even if its true essence isn’t fully grasped).


Go through any bookmarks you have and compile a list of the best, along with a one-line summary. Provide it to them to look through and decide for themselves. After 5 or 6, they should start seeing a pattern and start noticing things in their daily lives that support what you’re saying. Here’s a good start:


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“Q-The Plan To Save The World Remastered”


Local Mockingbird Media – Sinclair’s Script for 200 right leaning TV Stations


<—– ******** THIS ******** Enjoy the Show (Directors Cut) – Preview release detailing how US media was infiltrated and used as a propaganda tool for decades.


Story on 9/11 that details how it was explosions that took out the buildings. Including untouched bldg 7.


One hour video; Christian context of what’s happening.


Web page describing the graphene oxide in the vaccines


Patents by a Harvard professor (Charles Lieber) that has been experimenting with using nanoparticles (and nanotubes, nanotechnology) to connect the human brain to the internet. Since 2006(!!)


Dr. David Nixon reveals NEVER before seen real time footage under the microscope of the nanotechnology inside the COVID-19 injections assembling


A lot of those links have things called “pictures & videos”; If that doesn’t convince them, then I’m not sure…

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