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2 Stories Kristi Noem Almost Get’s “It”. Kemp Gets It And Takes Action

2 stories of note on this St. Patricks day.


Kristi is a lovely lady, but sure hasn’t been red-pilled. Rumored to be top contender for Trump VP. Can’t believe they had the guts to post that picture, so non-diverse, there is one freak near upper left.

And here is Kemp’s move, obviously aimed at taking Fani Willis out. Fani, little Annie Fani. I have a word for her.


2 replies on “2 Stories Kristi Noem Almost Get’s “It”. Kemp Gets It And Takes Action”

Historic anti-semitism bill.
Whatta Trip, and immediately we
are reminded of DeSantis flying to
Jerusalem to sign a Florida state
law apparently restricting free speech
according to critics. Now a new generation can rehash just What Is a
Semite? Bloodlines? Who is Who, and what is What? Like Zappa says, “You Are
what you Is!”, “ You Is what You Am-
A Cow don’t make Ham!”

Just when you think we got some hot shots that could make a big difference, you find they are either ignorant, or they intentionally and knowingly pander to Israel and Jews to increase their own power, or at least to not get attacked. Shameful

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