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EVERYONE: Take an Anti-Clotting Agent. Although mRNA Injections are Down Quite a Bit, The Shedding Event is Still Relevant: TAKE ASPIRIN

stock here: I used to think Aspirin was a blood thinner, as those taking aspirin were called bleeders, like a small construction accident would take much longer to stop, so I thought asprin was a thinner as could be used to reduce blood pressure.

I was wrong. Aspirin is an anti-clotting agent. I am going to Symphony with one of the best groups in at least the USA. Amazingly it is free (some BS ticketing fees though), but normally like $200 for 2 people. I will dose up on Vit D, Vit C, and aspirin, and before and after that nose spray that kill 70% of Flu and COVID.

I have another goal, to create my own blood bank. Maybe I’ll ask AI.

BREAKING! Japanese Researchers Warn About Risks Associated With Blood Transfusions From COVID-19 mRNA Vaccinated Individuals


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