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Podcast’s You Can Avoid

stock here: I try to get 20 minutes of “news” during my morning rituals.

If anyone has podcasts that they recommend please chime in. Maybe try Hidden Forces

I will usually listen to 1 or 2 Fox products. We know they are ultimately controlled (opposition), but when it’s just news, they do an OK job of presenting facts.
I will usually listen to 1 or 2 Fox products. We know they are ultimately controlled (opposition), but when it’s just news, they do an OK job of presenting facts.

Glenn Greenwald, is a quick source of information. He tells the entire story in 2 minutes and if that is all you have time for, you can rest assured that what you heard is the truth. He will then spend the next 60 or so minutes bring “all the receipts” aka proof for his hypothesis. He hasn’t deep dove on the mRNA injections, not sure why, plenty other people are doing so.

Morning Wire (Daily Wire) I was on the fence about them, but even though they are not “far right” they are right on.

Dan Bongino is good, he is often the first to put the clues together on a strategy of the Leftist Communist Takeover LCT (more like a Semitic/corporate/big Tech in collusion with Governments, takeover, Fascism is more true to historical norms of the ‘ism definitions). He drags it out longer than needed, so don’t stick around more than you need.

Robert Kennedy is also good, even though he misses some of the most important points, such as not calling out those who killed his Uncle. Maybe he really knows, and also knows that is “Taboo”.

My reason for starting this article was a warning on where not to waste your time. They are not as extreme as say CNN or “The Guardian” aka the gatekeeper of the Overton Window…..You use those guys to immediately flesh out “their plan”, what lies are being told.

THE PRESIDENT’S DAILY BRIEF —“Let’s Get Briefed”, today was the last straw. You can listen, but they present Putin who controls all his puppets and kills the rest. They dismiss his now clear statements that they will use nuclear weapons as the rantings of a mad man. And that is extremely dangerous, because I believe those threats are real, and if our leaders (and those who control them) believe that the collective west can continue to now not just poke the bear, but blow up 25% of their refineries, blow up an important bridge, blow up an important pipeline…..then I think it is almost inevitable that we will have nuclear event in some fashion.

I think there is little doubt that Russia is tracking every satellite of the collective west. The first skirmish could be a nuclear EMP weapon set off in space, no human deaths (at least not directly).

The USA stopped space testing nukes shortly after Starfish Prime (prime meaning the second attempt at that particular test). Russia kept testing, it should be clear that their EMP weapons are superior to ours.

Got your Potassium Iodide? I refreshed mine summer of last year. I still have Prussian Blue, its getting old. ChatGPT is not that helpful, they seem to tow the Party Line on most things.

Also you should have some NBC air filtration, multiple filters for your full face mask shield. You can buy some “safe room” filtration for under $10,000


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