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The “Irish Tribe” Challenged as Gay Prime Minister Steps Down

stock here: For some reason, Ireland and Scotland are hugely important in the world. I have always thought of them as strong, persistent, fighters to the last. I was amazed that they were easily and quickly swayed to the woke non-sense. As a libertarian i won’t deny most forms of sexual expression, but nevertheless look at Male Gayness as extremely bad judgement. And so why are these queers being voted into office….are the funded and pushed by those who want to push the whole NWO blasphemy on the world? It seems it must be this way.

Hmmm…..3 days after meeting with the Biden entity?

Lost 2 referendums in a row on woke issues proving how out of touch he is so now he is picking up his ball and going home…Well done Ireland, send those regressives packing!!!

Mission accomplished!

The WH squatter meets with him. Then Obama meets with Sunak.

Nothing fishy here folks………….

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