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Victor David Hansen — List of Absurdities Floated by The Collectivists / Leftist / Fascists

stock here, this was a nice compilation

In the last ten years, we’ve witnessed the Russian collusion hoax,

calls from military officers and analysts for extra-legal interventions and coups,

the Alfa ping hoax,

the drink bleach hoax,

the “suckers” D-Day hoax,

the celebrities’ contest about the best way to decapitate, stab, blow up, shoot, or incinerate Trump,

the 2016 leftwing postelection effort to turn state electors into “faithless” apostates to elect Hillary,

the nutty Mark Milley call to his Chinese counterpart,

the Antifa/BLM riotous months of 2020 and effort to storm the White House grounds, t

he two first-term impeachments,

the laptop “Russian disinformation” hoax,

the pee accusation,

the “51 intelligence authorities” ruse,

the FBI hiring of Twitter censors to suppress unwanted news,

the Senate trial of a private citizen, t

he January 6 “insurrection” where “five police officers were killed” lie,

the farcical two Republican members of the Jan 6 committee,

the attempt to remove Trump from state ballots,

the insane E. Jean Carroll suit,

the Letitia James “find me the man, and I’ll find you the crime” writ,

the monstrous $355 million fine growing daily to $450M,

the Alvin Bragg bootstrapping of an inert federal suit,

the Fani Willis/Nathan Wade circus,

the Jack Smith antithesis to Robert Hur’s twin investigation,

the effort to bankrupt the Republican nominee,

and of course the constant calls to pack the court (when the Left lost the majority),

to end the filibuster (when Democrats control the Senate),

to add two new states and four new senators (provided they are DC and Puerto Rico)

and to end the Electoral College (once the Left lost the surety of the reliable blue wall).

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