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The Ship Dali, Lost Power, Regained Power, and Then Made a Hard Right Turn Directly Into the Piling

stock here: I can only think this is Terrorism, but if so, any other time of day would have been better. Maybe they were constrained by the particular crew, and logistics, so this was “the best they could do”. My first thoughts were that the ship was put in a funk by the X1.1 solar outburst. My third thought was that it was honest mistakes combined with ship wide elec power problems and the captain thought that going through the bridge itself would be horrific so he TRIED to stop on the concrete piling, thus steering into it.

Found one of those geeky Vessel sites, here it is


OK, so this video shows the longest duration, and 100% for sure, the Ship was going along side the bridge, power lost, power on, power lost, and the ship makes a quick nearly 40 degree turn into the bridge piling.

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Built in 2015 by Hyundai Heavy Industries

The “Dali” scrapped against a Quay in Antwerp, Belgium in 2016. Facebook used to have a video of that event, but NOW it is gone.

I was able to find a picture of the event though, it was pretty bad damage for the Ship with breaches of the hull, and the berth was closed.

Reportedly Lost Propulsion, but now that is not clear, I assume there are several engines and several propellers.

Video’s show the Electric power on the ship flickering off, and then on again, shortly before the crash. On video below just found, it looks like, it lost power twice and then appeared to turn directly into the bridge piling, with power coming on just before the hit. Black smoke so they didn’t lose all the engines, they lost overall Electrical power to the Ship.

There was a local pilot on board (I think 2) to guide the operating captain out of the harbor, as is law.

Ship Sent out MAYDAY, but unclear how long before the impact.

Area 50Ft deep, what prevented them from dropping anchors? Sal said they did drop port anchor, but he did not say where that info came from and no one had any indication of when.

Dali was previously cited for “Propulsion Deficiency”

This was a “Take Down” of the Star Spangled Banner <sarc> A Takedown of USA

There is talk of thick black smoke coming from ship just prior to impact. I can confirm this, poor combustion, maybe air supply pumps were not working right, did not have proper control, i.e. control microchips fried from X1.1 Solar Outburst.

One commenter said it had failed 2 Inspections recently.

Were there tug-boats pulling or guiding?

Apparently 1:16AM, someone said they had “4 minutes of warning”

“They” tried to imply that Houthi rebels were partly responsible because the ship planned on going south round cape of good hope.

The 6 missing people, were workers, patching potholes. Someone was able to stop traffic moving onto the bridge, but the workers were left on the bridge. Hmmm…..

According to Vessel Finder and the maritime incident archive Shipwrecklog, the Dali – a 948ft (290-meter) cargo ship with a capacity of 10,000 containers – was leaving the container terminal of Antwerp heading to Bremerhaven.

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As it did so, its bow reportedly swung around, causing the stern to scrape the side of the quay, significantly damaging several meters of the hull.

The ship was reportedly detained by authorities afterward and docked in Deurganckdok, Belgium. There were reportedly no injuries or adverse pollution.

According to Vessel Finder, the weather was fine at the time, and the incident was reportedly blamed on the ship’s master and pilot on board.Q&A

It is unclear what crew were aboard the ship. Vessel Finder said at the time that the ship, which was built in South Korea in 2015 by Hyundai Heavy Industries, was owned by the Greek company Oceanbulk Maritime but was chartered by Maersk.

The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) confirmed on Tuesday that the Dali was registered in Singapore and had 22 crew on board, with Maersk adding in a statement that the crew were all Indian but none of them were Maersk crew or personnel. It said the ship was operated by the charter vessel company Synergy Group.

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